955 Up We Go

Roan nodded, his expression surprisingly that of satisfaction. "That's good. You have excellent prospects by staying with the Freedom Sect. The same goes for your child. Entering the Realm of Gods when you don't even know if the passage is safe would be a terrible idea when you have such a small child."

Rean agreed with Roan, saying in response, "Indeed. Sister Orb told us that babies are already born in the Foundation Establishment Realm there. Perhaps your kid wouldn't even be able to resist the environment of the Realm of Gods itself. I commend you for choosing to stay."

Kentucky immediately raised his wings, telling everyone, "I want to stay!" Well, it wasn't hard to guess that the pervert bird just wanted to stay close to all the girls in the sect.Β 

Rean then looked at him before shrugging his shoulders. "Is that so? Oh well, this is a decision we gave to all of you. If you want to stay, then so be it."


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