378 Sacrifice

The guy swallowed a bit of his saliva before responding.

"I only know a little about them. After all, peasants would just die if they get involved with them. Will you really let me live if I tell you?"

Roan pondered for a bit and said.

"Let's do it like this. There must be more than one place like that. Bring me to the most important one that you know. I'll think about your fate once we arrive there."

The guy quickly nodded as Roan took his sword away from his throat. The shadow bind also disappeared after that. Of course, the guy was injured, so he couldn't walk like that. Roan then touched his shoulder, and soon enough, Light Element began to flow into the guy's body as his hair changed color.

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'Life Style, Second Form, Instant Recover!'

With their Soul Connection having a limit of 3000 kilometers, Rean and Roan had it quite easy when exchanging elements.

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