1797 More than six months

"Hope... it does happen?" Roan's words confused everyone again. "Why?"

"You'll see," Roan answered.

It didn't matter how much they insisted. Neither Rean nor Roan told them what they were going to do. In the end, the meeting continued as they discussed other topics. Several hours later, everyone returned to their own positions as things calmed down in Butiva Country.

It went exactly as the twins thought it would. None of the thirteen countries launched attacks against the countries the twins conquered. That's because they couldn't match the speed the System Sect could equip its armies. And second, because they were afraid of being hit from the back if they did so.

The System Sect used the resources of the five countries around it as well as its personnel to continue growing. The management system and the other Circuitry Equipment only contributed to Butiva's speedier growth. 


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