Dead World Scavengers Book

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Dead World Scavengers


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Ten years ago, the lost continent of Danet was rediscovered by an ambitious warlord seeking a weapon to conquer the world. He returned wielding awe-inspiring powers, leaving destruction in his wake. Now, a decade after the Red King's conquests, the once-lost Danetian civilization is teeming with scavengers picking through the dangerous ruins in hopes of striking it rich. Ioren is a "Finder," one of the scavengers of Danet living a barebones existence out of the Yasha's Step outpost. After accepting a job from the royal seat itself, Ioren's luck turns south when he is killed in a back alley brawl. After being resurrected by a long-forgotten deity, Ioren must explore his new powers while also navigating the selfish, unforgiving scavenger society, battling the hostile anomalies of Danet, and completing a mission for the king - all without losing his sanity. To complicate things further, his latest excursion team is packed with newcomers, and even worse - nobles. -Original High Fantasy Story. -Focus on characterization. -Mild romance aspects, no harem. -Characters (including villains) act with logical and emotional consistency. -Multiple viewpoints. -Mild gore, violence, substance use. This story is currently being serialized on Royal Road. I will update here going forward as well.


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