DC: The Prince of the Underworld

A man found himself in a parallel earth without a family to protect him was adopted by a criminal. He was force into a life of crime to survive in the world's most dangerous universe. ... You can find up to 13 advanced chapters at my patreon patreon.com/Abyssuit Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Ps: Ccto to the book cover's owner... Crdt: Tangrin (Gabriel Henrique)

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Chapter 162

Dio tried to see this from both the good and the bad sides.

In the worst-case scenario, Constantine breaks his portal but manages to cross it freeing him from the contract.

After that, Dio would have to perform the same ritual again, even though roaming the Earth searching for ingredients is not good.

This time, it should have been easier since he knew where everything could be.

In the best-case scenario, the contract is fulfilled, and Constantine dies on the other side of the portal without damaging it.

While Dio was lost in his thoughts, Constantine continued graffiti on his portal, symbol by symbol, while leaving the smell of blood in the area.

Old blood is one of the worst smells he has ever encountered.

The symbols he's engraving are quite old; he can identify some of them. They're symbols used in the language of demons.

"Damn you, Constantine, are you using my portal to go to hell?"

Dio asked him.

"Gold star for you."

Constantine shouted as if he were a student who had just found out the answer.

"But why? With your abilities, opening a portal to hell or finding a secondary path shouldn't be a problem."

Hell is one of the easiest mystical places to enter; it's even ridiculous how easy it is and how many rituals there are for it.

"That's true, but the problem is that I sort of got banned."


"I got banned from hell."

Constantine confirmed.

It's not easy to be magically banned; it's like all doors and paths were magically closed to anyone.

It's so severe that even if Constantine were to create a spell from scratch, completely new and never seen before, to travel to hell, it wouldn't work.

"How did that happen?"

Dio controlled his voice as much as he could before asking.

"Me and Morningstar, we had a little disagreement about a certain soul, and he found it more devilish to banish me than to take my life. I agree with him on that."

Constantine said this while getting up from the ground after writing in the last space of the portal.

"You were banned, Constantine, which means my portal won't work either."

Dio explained the obvious to him.

"That's if this were technically a portal to hell, but I kind of built a shortcut that leads to a location near hell; from there, I have other plans."

"That makes no sense!"

Dio shouted at him.

"This is magic; it never made sense!"

Constantine shouted back in a small explosion, something he had never seen before.

Shortly after, he turned around and returned to his artwork, carefully and skillfully adding more small symbols and details to everything he had already drawn.

Constantine is many things, but he has never been reckless with his actions, not when it comes to magic.

So now, this little explosion is a sign of something greater.

Yet, knowing that he might be a bit unstable, Dio couldn't do anything to stop him.


Constantine said.

He threw the pot where the blood was and the brush on the ground while stepping back to see if he had made a mistake in any symbol.

It's not a good idea for beginners to write symbols because one wrong line can make everything fall apart or, even worse, make something random happen.

That's why spells using drawings, symbols, or pentagrams must be perfect, from drawing size to letter tilt.

"Not bad for a drunk old Brit."

Constantine said. It seems he did everything right.

"Once again, I ask you not to try this madness."

Constantine ignored his warning while taking a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it with his lighter.

He took a drag from his cigarette, and with the lighter still lit, he threw it.

on the left side of the portal while hitting the bottom symbol, which lights up as soon as the fire touches it.

This caused a chain reaction, and each symbol from bottom to top began to glow a sinister red.

Next was the smell of rust, which filled the air.

The black mist coming from the portal itself began to be tinged with red-like blood while spreading the stench all over the place.

The symbols glowed more brightly, and the black portal on the doors also began to change from black with no color at all to an intense red.


Constantine said.

Then Constantine pulled his coat and tapped his shoes on the ground to remove dirt.

"Well, see you later."

Constantine said goodbye without looking at him.

But something happened as soon as he took a few steps towards the portal.

Dio couldn't tell if the sound came from the red hole between the door or from around them.

He had to cover his ears to try to block out the noise, but it didn't work because it seemed to come from more than one place at the same time.

They didn't even have time to think about that.

The red smoke tripled and became thick while covering the whole floor and moving quickly toward the Tower.

There was no time to think about that either, because Dio was pulled by an invisible force towards the portal next.


Dio was no longer in the Tower on Earth or even in the same galaxy as Earth.

He didn't know exactly what happened to the portal, but he knew it malfunctioned, and the force was enough to knock him unconscious for some time.

Shortly after, Dio woke up face-down in the grass.

This is certainly a beautiful place.

Dio woke up on top of a solitary hill with a lone tree standing four meters tall.

The grassy field stretches as far as his eyes can see below the hill, and it's very, very far.

The temperature was perfect, as was the gentle breeze blowing, and the scent was of grass right after rain.

The sky wasn't also right.

Dio could easily see the stars' glow even during the day, and he knew very well how to navigate by them, as well as their names and stories.

However, the two moons in the sky are proof enough, even if Dio didn't know any of that.

And unlike the moon on Earth, these moons are incredibly close and give the impression that he could quickly jump from where he was to them.

There were no stars around the moons and just a swirl of light blue and dark blue, like Van Gogh's painting, The Starry Night.

It was exactly like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

It was simply breathtaking.


Dio took a few minutes to admire the view leaning against the tree.

It's such a beautiful landscape that it would be a sin to miss the opportunity to try to see all its details.

This was also to see if Constantine could appear here; he was in front of him and must have been dragged here as well.

Dio also tried to use the portal without success.

The portal was made to take me from Earth to the underworld, not to another dimension, which may even have its own magical laws.

Dio reviewed everything he knew about traveling to other dimensions and how to cast spells to return.

Still, most of them needed items or the coordinates of this dimension to avoid getting even more lost.

In the end, there was only the option to walk and try to find anything that could guide him to solve this mess, and if Dio was lucky, he would find Constantine and stick his sword in his chest.

There's also a chance he's been sent to another dimension, who knows where that idiot is now.

Dio used his golem to summon his armor as a cloak to avoid flying too high and taking the risk of touching the sky.

He flew just a few inches off the ground while enjoying the tall grass touching his feet and its smell.

The first change happened only after a few minutes of flying.

Dio flew quickly even though he was enjoying the scenery.

He could cross the entire United States in just a few minutes at his current speed, but all he saw in front of him was grass and open space.

After two hours, Dio started to get a little worried while feeling like a hamster running on its wheel without stopping and going nowhere.


Then he ended up crashing head-on into a tree trunk while passing through two more before he could stop and look at where he was now.

The environment also changed from one moment to another.

The smell of grass disappeared and was replaced by the smell of trees and humidity.

This was strange since the smell usually faded away gradually until it disappeared.

This means that Dio may have gone to a different dimension, or that he was split into several separate parts but shared the same space.

Anyway, Dio didn't even have the sky to guide him since the leaves of the trees covered the sky almost completely.

Dio still saw sunlight, and it shines through the small gaps left by the trees while giving a touch of enchantment to the forest.

Then Dio began to run as fast as he could among the trees, heading north.



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