The cafe was more or less decent. The only thing that did not fit into the picture was a small mayhem that this weirdo in a bandana did.

Negritos (and why I'm not surprised) was with a bat and shouted something about racism and inequality in the city.

Yes, you can "understand it." After all, where has it been seen that a respectable person, judging by his tattoos, who had already served time, with a bat and a little (this is putting it mildly) under-the-boss, the peasant did not answer anything to intelligible speech turns, which consist of swearing and slang. And after all, the most important thing, this shamelessness is used by aggressive-minded women and children. Apparently, some of the kids are celebrating their sixth birthday here. Yeah. They are racists ...

- Hey boy, don't be silly. See? - he pointed to the children - These are just children. Nobody wants conflict.

- Shut your f *** up to fattrest. My constitutional fucking rights are being violated here. You fucking bitches are racist.

- Wait, boy, take your time. What makes you think that there are racists here?

"They f *** ing said everything was booked by these brat today. I know this because I am black!

No, don't get me wrong, I'm not racist. It's just that in my past world, and in the memory of old Isaac, there are many such "incidents" with blacks and feminist women, in which they freaked out. And they made everyone guilty except themselves. And most importantly, I know that most often they got away with it, and those who really suffered were made guilty racists / sexists / homophobes and so on. They pissed me off in my previous life, but in this one I'm generally in a rage. If Arthur doesn't give me the command to act in half a minute, I'll shoot him myself. Kozlin!

At that moment, some girl began to cry even more and this infuriated this negro, whom Arthur was trying to calm down. He quickly approached that little girl of about six years old and started swinging the bat.

Then I could not resist and grabbed the very first thing that came to hand. It was a chair. And threw it at this goat. Unfortunately, with the accuracy of this body, in terms of throwing objects, something is taut and it hit only the hand. But, fortunately, this nigga dropped the bat.

- Oh you…

But he could not finish, I kicked him in the jaw. From what the flew off negro was imprinted in the picture on the wall. But he didn't pass out, so I went up to him and smacked him on the nose with my knee. After that, he passed out.

- You are dashing. - Arthur grunted and began to pack our bully.

Fifteen minutes later, another car drove up to us and together, although I don't know why two cars were needed to escort this shit to the station, we went to the jail.

There we passed it.

And only after that I read the messages from the system:


New Skill: Chuck Noris Leg Level 1 Now your kicks will be an order of magnitude more painful and effective.

+ 1 to Strength.

+ 1 to Dexterity.

You have been given a new title: "Racist".

Your relationship with the Young Moms of Gotham + 500

Your relationship with African Americans - 500

Your relationship with the Police + 100

Well thank you system ...

Fortunately, the rest of the day was pretty decent for us, without challenges and fights. Therefore, the system was generous to me and considered my first full-fledged mission completed.

The task is completed.

"Beginner cop"

You, aspiring police officer, work a day without jambs and raise your reputation in the eyes of your colleagues and other residents of Gotham!

You have completed your mission.


+ 100 experience, increased reputation with the rescued residents of Gotem and the police.

Status - "Nice guy."

Now let's look at the big picture.

Name: Isaac Dinklage

Life: 260

Level: 2

Exp: 196/250

Title: Tough cop (beginner), Loser, Russian hitman (ordinary), Bukhar, Racist, Good guy.


- Strength: 25

- Dexterity: 9

- Stamina: 22

- Intelligence: 7

- Intuition: 6

- Free points: 10

Feature: "Orphan", "Lone Wolf", "Sociopath", "Loser", "Drunk", "Casanova", "Racist".

Skills: "Stealth - 1 lvl.", "Shooting - 2 lvl.", "Hand-to-hand combat - 9 lvl.", "Darts player - 3 lvl."

Special skills: "Cooking - level 2", "Playing the guitar - level 8", "Finding problems - level 15", "Master of soldering people - level 5", "Womanizer - level 1". "Chuck Noris Leg Level 1"

+ 5% to mental stability,

+ 5% to resistance against mental attacks.

+ 15% to alcohol resistance.

With such a result, my first full-time working day ended.

To be continued…

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