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Jacob Fletcher was an athletic, yet normal teenager who'd just graduated highschool and was about to enter college...or was he? He couldn't possibly be half-human, half-alien hybrid, could he? He couldn't possibly be so powerful he could give a Kryptonian a run for their money, could he? Jacob Fletcher...was a human-alien hybrid, and he was the most powerful 19-year-old on the face of the Earth. But when information comes to his attention, in the form of a hologram who tells him he's Jacob's father...How will Jacob react to knowing that he was on Earth to conquer it? To destroy it's civilization to make place for the near-extinct Empire coming it's way? And worst of all...he's only got a few months until they get here. (A/N - Practically based off of 'Invincible' from Image Comics. Just with a different MC and in DC.)


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