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[Star City. January 15, 16:30 PDT. 2009

David Lance POV]

Dinah was elated.

The expression on her face when I told her I had joined the football team, was something akin to that of a person experiencing bliss.

It was almost scary.

I guess seeing me socialize was doing wonders for her.

"As expected of my protegee," Oliver grinned, "First the football team, then the ladies," he added, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oliver!" Dinah growled, slapping the back of Oliver's head as she turned to look at me, "Remember our talk, don't be silly, protect your willy."

Okay, I'm officially done with this conversation.

~Bye,~ I waved at her before turning around.

"Remember, when in doubt, shroud your spout!" Dinah added. At times like this, I wished I was allowed to groan.

"Huh, huh! I have one!" Oliver snickered, "Don't be a loner, cover your boner!"

I hate them.

"I have another! Before you attack her, wrap your whacker!"

I really hate them.


After two hours of meditation in my room.

Cleaning my inner self from those… condom-related comments. I started to do my homework, which took me roughly ten minutes to complete.

Thank Batman for that.

His assignments make schoolwork look like a joke.

With that out of the way, I grabbed the TV remote and turned the TV on.

I had nothing else to do anyways.

Today was my day off, in general.

No training.


Just doing whatever I wanted to do.


I blinked, turning to look at my phone that lay on the bed, vibrating.

Curious as to who was texting me, I grabbed the phone, and saw three notifications from Oliver.

[You can't go wrong if you shield your dong]

[If you're not going to sack it, go home and whack it]

[Cover your stump before you hump]

Ok… blocking Oliver for the foreseeable future.


Who now?

[Kid, I'm rich, we can do this all day, I will buy new lines just to bother you]

I sighed, smiling at the message, before replying, [I will help Dinah shave your mustache if you keep at it.]

[Le gasp! You wouldn't dare! You take that back! But seriously kid, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and use a condom, every, single, time.] Oliver replied.

[I started school twelve hours ago… besides, I already know.] I replied.

[Good, just making sure.] Oliver replied.


[Gotham City. January 17, 09:15 CT. 2009

Dick Grayson POV]

As I ran through Batman's training course.

I couldn't help but let my mind wonder why Batman hadn't offered David a place in Gotham's academy.

I mean, if anyone needed a friend in that fake place they called school was me.

It would be nice for a change to have someone that knows your double life.

Then again.

The owls were still a thing.

And they had attacked him.

Outside Gotham, which according to Batman was their main base of operations. If David moved here, the attacks could in theory increase.

So I guess I see why.

"Damn it!" I cursed, as the robot slammed me on the side, that's what I get for distracting.

"What happened?" Batman asked, his voice cold and accusing.

"I was thinking," I replied.

Batman said nothing, giving me a stare.

God, I hated his stare.

"It won't happen again," I promised.

"Losing focus, even for a bit in our line of duty, is detrimental, a single error can and will cost you, your life, so try to keep your eyes open, and your mind ready," Batman said, turning around as he walked to his computer.

In retrospect, I'm glad David is not living with us, you need a Ph.D. to deal with Batman, I'm pretty sure Red Tornado has more feelings than Bruce.

"Do the course, again," Batman commanded.

"Aye aye, captain," I chuckled, this time ready to beat my record.


[Metropolis. January 31, 04:30 EDT. 2009

Lex Luthor POV]

Black Bolt.

Or should I say, waste of money?

The one DNA we still couldn't clone, or work with.

It baffled me, how his DNA was even more complicated to work with than Superman's DNA.

It was vastly more unstable and was in layman's terms impossible to read. At least, with the boy of steel, we could decode and understand some of his DNA, but with Black Bolt's, it was like someone had smashed their head on a keyboard repeatedly, for hours, then tried to translate the result to Klingon, and then gave that to a monkey, and we got whatever the monkey transcribed.

It was vexing, but more than that, annoying.

Millions were wasted in trying to understand his DNA.

Eventually, I just said, for the lack of a better word, fuck it, for the time being, with our technology, it's a waste of time.

Besides, our estimates put him way under Superman, so if anything our efforts in Cadmus should be focused on perfecting our… earlier mistakes.

Not trying to solve a problem that didn't need solving in the first place.

"Sir, we have a call on line eight,"

I sighed, "Very well."


[Star City. February 7, 12:30 PDT. 2009

David Lance POV]

Apparently, Oliver was right.

Being part of the football team had somehow, increased my sex appeal. It was honestly annoying.

But beyond the girls, calling me the silent yet loving type, comparing me to a few vampire characters they fancied, being part of the football team was fun.

It was like playing a game on easy mode, after playing Dark Soul for hours.

It was refreshing.

Like a nice day in a spa.

"Hey bro, wanna come to a party with us later today?" Aaron asked, snapping me out of my long reverie.

I shook my head, parties were not my thing. Besides, today I had to patrol the city with Oliver.

"Ahh," Aaron pouted.

"Don't mind him," Aadav chuckled.

"One of these days, one of these days I will see you party David," Aaron chuckled, back to his usual demeanor. If I had to describe him, I would say he was like a golden retriever, always happy to hang around friends, a loveable goof.

~Never,~ I signed, grabbing my backpack.

"He said no, right?" Aaron muttered, looking at Luke with a lost expression.

"He said, never," Luke clarified with a smile.

"Dang it, I was so close," Aaron sighed, "I'm learning though!" he chuckled, "Luke is teaching me!" he added with a proud smile.

I looked at Luke for confirmation.

"He said he wanted to learn our secret language, and well, I obliged," Luke shrugged.

"I will be doing jutsus in no time!" Aaron grinned.

"I… ugg," Aadav sighed, rubbing his temples.

I smiled.

Maybe pretending to be normal would be okay, at least for a while.


[Star City. February 7, 12:30 PDT. 2009

Mike The Bully POV]

If Mr. Mute sissy pants thought he had escaped me, he had another thing coming.

"Dude, are you sure this is wise?" Lemar asked, frowning, "He's on the football team, you touch him, and the entire team will have our balls bro."

I glared at him, "The football team can suck my dick, the mute kid disrespected me, and he will pay for it, end of discussion."

It was more of a grudge I had with Luke, but the mute kid was an easier target, a way easier target.

"There he is," George pointed, smiling wide. As David walked to his locker.

"Let's have a chat with our friend then," I smiled, walking towards David, ready to show him a thing or two.

"Hey loser," George called out, but David had the balls to ignore him.

Did he really think being on the football team made him untouchable?

"My friend here is talking to you, mute, so pay attention," I spat with a smile, slamming my hand close to his head on the lockers.

David sighed, turning around.

"Good, now, let's have a walk," I smiled, putting my hand on his shoulder, gripping it tightly.

David smiled, tilting his head to the side before nodding.


Happy he knew his place, I guided David around the school to the changing rooms, where we would… teach him the rules of this school, in a hands-on manner.

"Close the door," I ordered Lemar who begrudgingly nodded, doing as he was told.

Doors closed, I cracked my knuckles and swung my fist at the mute, who ducked under my swing.

"Grab him!" I growled, if the little bastard wanted this to go the hard way, he would have the hard way.

Nodding at my command, both Lemar and George rushed at him, trying to grab him.

However, the mute dodge their first attempt, before delivering a horizontal kick to George's face, knocking him out. George's body fell to the floor of the changing room with a loud thud, as the mute looked at me with a friendly smile, his foot still in the air.

"Fuck this shit," Lemar shuddered, taking a few steps back before running to the door.

"The fuck you think you're going!" I shouted, turning to look at Lemar, who paid me no heed, opening the door before running away.

Cursing under my breath, I turned to see the mute, kneeling on the ground, checking George, almost as if confirming George was okay.

"That's it, I'm fucking you up!" I roared, running towards him, right hook ready to knock some mother fuckers out.

The mute sighed, standing up.

Finally, within range, I swung my arm at him once again, but instead of feeling my fist connecting, I felt pain, and then nothing.




"What happened?" I muttered, opening my eyes.

"Finally awake huh?" I heard someone say, in an angry tone, a voice I knew very well, my father.

"Dad," I muttered, turning to look at him.

"Imagine my surprise, when I got a call from the school saying, you got beat up, trying to beat up a mute kid for no FUCKING reason," Dad growled, his fist-shaking.

"Dad, I was only defending myself!" They had no proof, the changing room had no cameras.

"Don't even!" Dad barked, his face turning red, "The kid had multiple witnesses, and to make matters worse, he's friends with FUCKING OLIVER QUEEN! MY BOSS!"

"Sir, mind your language," The nurse chastised.

"Fuck my language!" Dad shot back at her, his eyes never leaving mine, "One note from that kid, and I could lose my job, one FUCKING NOTE, A SINGLE FUCKING NOTE, AND WE WOULD BE ON THE STREETS!"

"I'm sorry dad, I didn't know," I defended.

"Why would you even… he did nothing to you! For the love of!" Dad growled in frustration.

"He disrespected me!" I said, my voice wavering.

"He disrespected… oh, why didn't you say so? That explains everything!" Dad laughed, "He didn't bow to you, so let's fuck him!? Is that it?!"

"Sir, if you continue this, I will call the police," The school nurse said sternly.

"You will apologize to that kid, am I clear?" Dad growled.

"Yes," I nodded.

"Good," Dad nodded.

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