Darling, Don't Run Away!
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Darling, Don't Run Away!


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What is Darling, Don't Run Away!

Darling, Don't Run Away! is a popular web novel written by the author voiletevergarden, covering Romance genres. It's viewed by 2.8M readers with an average rating of 4.52/5 and 112 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 306 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Six years ago, she marries a guy that she doesn't even know. On the wedding night, her husband tries to strangle her. "Who are you?" "I'm your wife!" .. At daytime, her husband was so adorable, childish-like and very gentle. But, At nighttime, her husband turns into a cold, rude and beast-like husband. .. The cupid knows how to play the human's heart. They got separated and met again six years later. Why did she run away from him? What she hide from him? Is he still remember her? Are they actually meet by accident or his heart lead him to her? Do bug me at discord : https://discord.gg/87PSsH

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When I saw the notification of this novel I am so happy that I got another chance to enjoy our great author's journey to conquered the heart of us the readers... Can't wait to read the mind blowing journey.


So far, this story is really nice.. I really like stories that associate with raymond's condition so this story really piqued my interest... Honestly, i've read 3 of your first novels n there're really good.. So i'm really looking forward for this one.. Thanks dear author 💜💜


This author story really very interesting and it captures the heart of its readers . I have read all her other books which all are unique in itself which also describe how the author is putting her efforts in writing a great book and which is very much admired by all its readers . All the best author and bring us more interesting stories


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The things mother of raymond did to her is unacceptable you need to be strong for your son Luna anyway I love the story it's great and interesting


good to read. hope i cant finished it. hope.it won't be to long soo i can finished it. becuase if its toooo long.. hard to finshed specialy if lack of stone or chipsss


Reading the synopsis, I was intrigued and had a bit of expectation, but now, honestly I'm quite disappointed. First, there was a lot of grammatical errors (I'm not exceptionally fluent in eng myself but I was still able to notice because there really was a lot) Second, the FL has little to no character (except for being weak which is her only distinguising trait, she doesn't even stand up for herself) And third, the novel is full of filler scenes (I feel like the story could've gone perfectly even without such scenes.) Now don't get me wrong, I could bear with those grammar mistakes. If i couldn't I wouldn't have been able to read up until ch118. I stopped reading at some times when it got boring due to filler scenes and would continue again then I find myself doing it more frequently until I just decided to finally drop it. If you like a strong-willed FL, this novel isn't for you.


Nice story.... Really interesting 🤔🤔🤔 It's different from Voilet others story... Excited for the whole story untill the end... 😉😉 All the best for you Author😘😘😘


I am very happy that I found this gem after so long... i was searching a novel like this for so long... I it very much 💞🤎💞🤎💖❣️💖❤️💛🤍💛💘💓🧡🖤♥️🖤🖤😘😘🥰💝😍💝💌


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The story is beautiful. It's not good to do evil because it will come back to haunt you. The srory also talks about the new technology of the world.


I wonder, did the main character had split personality disorder? The summary is interesting. But from the review, I see that the update is quite slow. I’m the type of person that dislike waiting 😆 hopefully when is more chapters I will read this story. Keep up a good job author


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I really love this novel. I love the writing, the characters, the plot, and the background. It was well written, many unique characters, and the background was described beautifully. I'm giving it a 5 starts. good job authors


I just started reading it as it was in my free book list for 24 hours... and oh boy , it was so interesting that I spent almost 18 hours reading this book.. too bad I can't read it for free now and I only get 3 fp a day. 😑😑😔


I just love the story.So many ups and downs and the character development is great.I would recommend this to anyone if someone ask me if they like a pure love novel ☺☺☺☺


The story was fantastic but a bit heart clenching and thus it somehow stirred my feelings and I didnt stop thinking about how the main character had to endure such




Love the plot. I like how the main lead really love Luna even though he got a mental illness. However, I am a little disappointed with the female lead which is usually potrayed as weak & just go with the flow. I hope the female lead should be more aggresive & have the courage to fight for her happiness. On the other hand, the author also included a new technology which is quite intriguing. One of the best novel I have read.


great story love to read it waiting for more stories Nd wanting hero Nd heroin to fall in love with each other immensely Nd irrevocably Nd want baddies to be punished


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