Dark King: Revenge Is Painful Book

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Dark King: Revenge Is Painful


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Killed by his own twin, Hei Wang finds himself waking up as his younger self. The time has come for his revenge? Joins Hei Wang as he shamelessly bullies the weak, wantonly kisses the females, and fearlessly make enemies. He would reach the peak once again only to be killed his twin-siste.... cough! He would reach the peak once again to find the answer for his existence. ......... ShowOff is the concept of my life. In need of ShowOff System! ........... Core Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Unique World Background, Shameless protagonist, All knowing protagonist, Multiple Worlds, Truth Seeking Protagonist Side Genres: Yandere, Caring, Game Elements, Harem, Trolling, Overpowered protagonist, Helpless Protagonist


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