1 Return

It was night in the Roman Kingdom and the streets of the capital city were lighted up by a vivid number of lamps.

In the middle of the busy street stood a tall building that looked like the big brother of all other buildings.

This building was called as the Dream pavilion, and it was the most famous wine service brothel in the capital city. It was said that the king's seventh concubine was a senior from Dream pavilion.

Standing before this famous brothel was an young man with delicate features.

His skin which was fairer than fairies was inherited from his mother and his face which could bewitch an army of young girls was something his 'twin sister' had 'forced' him to maintain.

For the past half an hour, Hei Wang had his eyes closed as he stood at the entrance to this brothel. He was being a nuisance to the other customers but seeing his young face all men smiled slyly and endured their displeasure.

Who didn't think for hours before joining the other side? These men knew what Hei Wang was going through and sympathised with him.

But Hei Wang had his eyes closed for an entirely different reason. After a long time, he slowly opened his eyelids and sighed profoundly. "I died..... and returned to my younger self."

Sigh! Hei Wang raised his head and saw the pale blue moon hanging in the sky. He became a little emotional. "Little Blue, are you well?.." he murmured, his eyes fixed on the blue moon.

Hearing no response, Hei Wang was reminded of the fact that he was no longer the old him who could break space to reach other worlds. He was just a delicate young boy.

He then rummaged through his clothes and found a silver lined card on him. Seeing this card which was a relic left behind by his maid, Hei Wang finally understood the reason for his presence at the Dream Pavilion.

He walked into the pavilion and was greeted by a pure young girl. "What would you like to have, esteemed guest?" The young girl was obviously inexperienced but she still tried to act professional.

Hei Wang smiled and took out his silver card. "I want to exchange this card for Elixir crystals."

The young girl took the card and inspected it carefully before nodding. This was a genuine Silver Dream card that was given to others by the seniors of the pavilion.

"Esteemed guest, please wait for a moment." The young girl smiled sweetly and returned with ten Elixir crystals.

Hei Wang left the Dream pavilion and returned to the small house in the outskirts of the city. His twin sister was sleeping soundly on the bed.

Hei Wang kissed her cheek without caring about disturbing her sleep. If possible he wanted to spank her ass for killing him, but seeing her cute face, he just kissed her cheek once more before leaving her alone.

Once outside he snorted at her, feeling the anger returning to his face. He rushed back and kissed her lips roughly which woke her up.

She saw Hei Wang forcing himself on her but she did not resist, instead she struck her tongue inside his mouth and explored it completely before biting his lower lip hardly.

Hei Wang came back to his senses and jumped back like a cat who had his tail stepped on, and glared at his little twin sister.

"You dare bite me!" He screamed at her.

"You dare kiss me!" She retorted.

"Hump! You are mine, I could do everything I want with you!" He counter retorted.

"Hump! Your possession bit you, so what? Are you going to kiss me again?" She did seem to care about logic and such.

"You..you..." Hei Wang was left speechless by her shamelessness.

"Fine.. one day.. one day.. ahhh! Just you wait, I will get you a husband who will break your body down and make you his slave, we'll see wether you defy me then?"

"I am waiting for that day!" She smiled wickedly and before Hei Wang could react, she was on him kissing his lips.

She then licked his lips vulgarly and ran away from the house.

"Ahhh!" Hei Wang tried to chase her but she disappeared from his vision like a rabbit giving him no chance to pursue her.

"Hateful..." He gritted his teeth and took out the ten Elixir Crystals he had obtained from the Dream pavilion.

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