Danmachi: Shrouded in the Abyss of Darkness

In a world suffocated by the weight of societal expectations, Ren's life unfolds as a hollow facade, devoid of purpose or true fulfillment. His days are spent trapped in the chains of conformity, desperately yearning for the moment they will end. And then, a revelation tears through the veil of his existence, thrusting him into a realm beyond his wildest dreams. Consumed by a delusion that permeates his every thought, Ren becomes enamored with a goddess-like character, Ais Wallenstein, from the world of "Danmachi." Her otherworldly beauty, with long golden-blonde tresses cascading like a radiant sun, her eyes a mesmerizing shade of gold, and a figure exuding grace and elegance, captivate his imagination. As if fate's cruel jest, tragedy befalls Ren, casting him into the realm of the afterlife. But amidst the abyss, a powerful Goddess emerges, confirming the existence of worlds he once believed were mere figments of imagination. It is a revelation that shatters the boundaries of his perceived reality and reignites the flames of the twisted desires he suppressed for a long, long time... ————— The novel's discord server: 2NUzdasA6F Author Notes: First and foremost, I extend my apologies in advance. Throughout this novel, I may make references to various anime and novels, as well as playfully critique certain aspects of other works. Please understand that it is not my intention to offend anyone. I neither claim ownership of these works nor have personal connections with the authors. Posting Pace: I must confess that I am writing this story purely for my own satisfaction, without any fixed schedule or deadlines. Anticipating some common questions: Q: Will there be a harem? A: I cannot say for certain. My MC has a deep obsession with Ais Wallenstein alone, which may be enough to satisfy his desires. Q: Is the MC mentally stable? A: No. Ren is a broken individual, a clear example being the MC of "The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines." If you are unfamiliar with that character, I encourage you to read a few chapters or peruse the synopsis for further insight. Q: Is this a Danmachi fanfiction? A: Yes, it is ultimately a Danmachi fanfic. However, it may diverge from the most popular fanfictions you may have encountered, offering a unique perspective and narrative. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I hope you find the story engaging and thought-provoking, as it explores the depths of Ren's twisted desires and the intricacies of a world woven from both familiar and unfamiliar threads.

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Dungeon: To Reach You(3)

As night descended upon the 28th floor, an unusual command from Finn halted any plans for a bonfire party.

The explanation given was that it was the Commander's order, intended to keep the tensions high on the 2nd and 3rd levels.

This information was known only to the executives. Instead, Finn summoned the strongest first-class adventurers for a discussion. They were tasked with maintaining constant vigilance and control over the camp, as there was a possibility of a formidable enemy lurking, waiting for a moment of laxity.

While this meeting unfolded, a certain Level 4 member of the Loki Familia prepared to rest, knowing that their shift would commence in two hours. However, before they could settle into sleep, an unexpected presence materialized in close proximity.

The man barely had time to utter a scream before his eyes were instantaneously stripped of their light.

"Now, it is time for some questioning."

The voice that spoke was harsh and carried an intense coldness as if each word alone had the power to freeze the very depths of Hell...


As the final remnants of the monstrous horde vanished from my sight, lingering anger still smoldered within me. Four more floors remained to be conquered, and though I hesitated to sprint through them in haste, time was not a luxury I could afford.

"I hope she has not ventured forth alone"

I murmured quietly, my concern for her well-being gnawing at my thoughts.

While we remained on the same floor, tracking her location would not be an arduous task, yet scanning an entire floor, uncertain if she was truly present or not, proved to be no simple feat.

With that in mind, I devised a plan to infiltrate their camp and gather valuable information. By weaving a veil of illusion, I could remain undetected, rendering their search futile. However, the strain of maintaining such a grand illusion for an entire expedition, comprising hundreds of individuals, including elite adventurers with heightened mental resistance, would swiftly exhaust even my own considerable reserves. I had not yet reached the level where I could casually discard such concerns.

Additionally, I only needed to cast illusions on those in close proximity while utilizing the cover of shadows. Though it typically exacts a toll on me, I can manage it as long as the duration is not excessively prolonged.

Thus, I swiftly altered my strategy. Recognizing the risks of openly infiltrating the camp, I resolved to capitalize on the cover of the night. Although security would be heightened, the reduced number of awake individuals meant I would expend considerably less mana.

My objective was simple — gather general information from a higher-ranked figure.

There was no need to reach the Commander's tent to ascertain Ais Wallenstein's presence. Any level 4 adventurer would suffice. As executives of the Familia, they should be aware of the absence of a superior. Armed with this knowledge, I could determine my next course of action.

If she remained, I would patiently await the conclusion of the expedition. I could not fathom her not departing alone, for it was ingrained within her very being, particularly given the commencement of that wretched rabbit's waves.

As for Bell Cranel's exploits, they held little interest for me. He could claim any girl he desired without my interference. Only one woman mattered to me, and if he dared to cross paths with her, I would extend a righteous offer to train him.

What training regimen could surpass the tutelage of a potential level 9? Not even Ottar, a mere level 7, could rival such an opportunity.

Grumbling with a tinge of absurdity, my anger simmered slightly as I beheld the magnificence of the 28th floor.

'...Still disgusting.'

However, my gaze was fixated solely on the clusters of adventurers engaged in conversation.

Only the strongest could endure the challenges of this place. To avoid further attention, I concealed my presence, shrouding myself from prying eyes.

Descending to the 18th floor alone held no particular little distinction, as many had achieved that feat.

But ascending to the 28th floor in this manner? Perhaps only the likes of Vahn⁵ or Ethan⁶, blessed with extraordinary advantages, could attain such a feat.

'You all boast about your fancy Systems complete with Shop and Quest features, but I can't help but ask, where in the world are my quests? And where are the elusive points that grant me easy access to those sweet cheats, huh?'


...Yet, their absence precluded them from laying claim to these records. Thus, it seemed impossible to encounter solo adventurers on this floor unless they possessed a formidable level of strength, reaching at least level 6 and beyond.


Amidst the jumble of thoughts swirling within me, my plan unfolded seamlessly.

However, upon obtaining the crucial information I sought, a sense of awkwardness enveloped me. The executive had affirmed Ais was to remain here until the expedition concluded, only to depart later, yet I did not retreat.

'...She's incredibly close.'

Maintaining a tight rein on my own emotions had become an ingrained habit. It had been an astonishing span of 800 years, an inconceivable length for most to comprehend. To put it into perspective, on Earth, during that same duration, one would witness the ebb and flow of approximately 11 generations, assuming each generation's lifespan remained constant at 70 years.

The endurance required to withstand such a vast stretch of time pushed the boundaries of my sanity. Countless instances of struggle and adversity nearly led me astray, causing me to momentarily lose sight of my original purpose.

The words of the Goddess Eve rang true: a human mind was not designed to cling so tightly for so long. Yet, my unyielding obsession propelled me forward.

Each day, I endured grueling training across various disciplines, engaging in countless sparring matches, and even risking my life on numerous occasions, all in the unwavering belief that one day, I would stand by her side.

Before my train of thought could delve deeper into the abyss, I resorted to a cruel act, sinking my teeth into my own lip. A gush of golden blood vanished the moment it met the air.

This act alone swiftly restored calmness to my being, leaving only an icy resolve etched deep within my eyes.

I vanished into the encompassing shadows, seamlessly blending into the surroundings as everyone resumed their respective duties, their vigilance never waning.

'I shall wait until this expedition is done, then.'

I preferred minimizing the number of witnesses to my first conversation with Ais. Additionally, it would be less troublesome to proceed with my plan, as my current actions were far from diplomatic. They would immediately sever any potential salvation for our "relationship" in the future.

As always, I entertained myself by contemplating anything remotely useful, as it served as one of the few reasons my mind remained as stable as it was 800 years ago.

"Lucy, display my personal report."

Without a moment's delay, a screen materialized, presenting information about myself.


Name: Ren Von Seraphis

Race: Asura

Age: 801

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Height: 180cm

Affiliation(s): Prime Harmonic (Former), Honorary Harmonic Elder

Mana Core: Perfected (Ascension required)

Physical Body: Perfected (Ascension required)

Intelligence: Unable to Estimate with current Data.

Traits: {Sword Prodigy} {Whip Mastery} {Illusionist}...

Abilities: {Illusionary Strikes} {Shadow Control} {Godly Footwork} {Defensive Maneuvers}... Obsession: A deep, uncontrollable love for [Ais Wallenstein]. Unquantifiable data suggests that such an obsession is actually an ability...Unable to analyze further.

Story: ...*

Additional Information: Host of Lucy. Currently on the verge of attaining Godhood. However, it is estimated this would never occur unless Ais Wallenstein also ascends. Ren's obsession with Ais is so profound that should he fail to reach her, even the power of his Godhood itself would crumble. This speculation is based on {The Secrets of Godhood}, a book kindly gifted by my creator, the Goddess *#?.


The fact that even Lucy refrained from casually mentioning Goddess Eve's name brought a faint smile to my lips. Only now did I truly grasp her immense strength. While I had an inkling of my capabilities post-ascension, Eve's simple act of creating papyrus from thin air remained utterly beyond my reach. Yet, she performed it as effortlessly as a casual greeting...

Engrossed in these thoughts, I silently cloaked myself in a delicate veil of shadows, rendering my presence nearly imperceptible. Perhaps only gods endowed with divine powers could discern my existence, but I no longer indulged in such notions. Drifting into the frigid realm of dreams, I yearned for Ais Wallenstein's manifestation, yet it remained an unfulfilled wish.


5. Vahn Mason is the protagonist of Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos, though I don't think there's someone here who doesn't know him.

6. Ethan is the protagonist of A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi, though the novel is dropped, so I will just leave this here for the curious ones.

*: As if I'd tell you the MC's story through that, come on. That would be lazy of me.

Author's note:

I am excited for the next chapter, peace.