60 Chapter 0060: If You Don’T Have The Ability To Fight, At Least You Must Have The Consciousness Of Dying!


There was a deafening explosion, and even the ground began to tremble.

At the center of the explosion, a figure flew out with billowing thick smoke and smashed into the dense jungle, its body slashed wantonly among the thick branches, leaving very shallow scratches on the exposed body.

The figure barely stopped until it rolled several times on the ground and hit a big tree.

"Cough, cough..."

The smoke dissipated, revealing Yami's slightly embarrassed figure.

"They're really merciless. Is this the strength of a level-five adventurer? I thought Tsubaki's previous battle scene was enough to make people in awe, but now it looked like I was too naive. It's really scary!"

Caressing his chest, Yami coughed slightly, with faint blood in his saliva.

He supported himself with the tree trunk and stood up. The burning pain in his chest was almost suffocating. Just the aftermath of the explosion from the attack turned him into what he is now.

Lv.5 adventurers were really scary!

Yami quickly regained his ability to move by stopping the bleeding through breathing techniques.

He looked up at the place where he had flown out before. If there were no accidents, the members of the Loki family would quickly chase after him. Although he would not worry about his life being in danger if he was caught, under normal circumstances, as long as you are not from the dark faction, familia members were not allowed to kill each other.

Of course, it was okay if no one knew, like how Yami killed those scumbags back then.

As long as Yami revealed his identity, with the reputation of Hephaestus's family, his life would probably be saved, but it was unclear whether he would suffer other injuries.

"It's impossible to put your life in the hands of others, isn't it? Let's take the opportunity to leave here!"

After looking in that direction unwillingly, Yami immediately turned around and galloped towards Rivera Town without hesitation.

In this situation, only Tsubaki could save him.

He didn't know whether he could successfully escape from this jungle and return to the residence of the Hephaestus family.

At this time, Yami didn't hold back at all. He had used it all, whether it was the mark or the transparent world.

His whole body became a black shadow, constantly flickering in the forest.

"Don't run Pervert-san!"

Suddenly, a familiar sound came from the sky, causing Yami's expression to change.

The strong sense of threat made him subconsciously jump to the side, and almost the moment he left that position, a figure fell from the air and directly smashed the ground to collapse.

A radius of tens of meters was destroyed, and many trees and vegetation collapsed.

It was enveloped by thick smoke again.

"Ah, did you actually dodge it? It really surprised me. Strangely, you can do this even though I feel you're only at the upper level of Lv.2 in terms of your aura!"

In the smoke, Tiona walked out slowly, carrying a sword that did not match her petite figure, and looked at Yami with doubt and curiosity.

She didn't act quickly but asked a little jumpily: "Hey, little brother, don't run away in such a hurry, although I admire your courage to peep. Since Tione asked me to take you down, there is no other way. Can you tell me what level of adventurer you are and how you did it just now?"

"I've said that I'm not a peeping pervert. I just went to take a bath in the pool. I didn't know you girls are there ok? I wouldn't have gone there if I knew you all were there."

Yami, who didn't answer the question, stood up slowly and saw three other figures approaching from the corner of his eye.

Tiona Hiryute, a member of the Loki Familia, an Amazon race, a Lv.5 adventurer.

Tione Hiryute, a member of the Loki family, an Amazon race, a Lv.5 adventurer.

Ais Wallenstein, a member of the Loki family, a human with fairy blood in her body, is currently suspected of being a Lv.5 adventurer, titled 'Sword Princess.'

Lefiya Viridis, a member of the Loki family, an elf, a Lv.3 adventurer, titled 'A thousand elves,' but her firepower is comparable to Lv.5.

No matter which one it was, they were very troublesome characters.

If he had to choose, Yami would probably choose Lefiya as his opponent. After all, the latter was just a magic idiot, a rookie mage who forgets to chant magic whenever she is frightened.

It was a pity that this was not a serious duel but a unilateral crush!

"Although I would like to trust you, little brother, there is no other way. This is what Tione asked for. If I let you go like this, she will be very angry, so why don't you give up your resistance and wait for us to Investigate the matter clearly? If it has nothing to do with you, I will let you go."

"As for this period, I will try my best to ensure your safety, so you can rest assured."

Perhaps to confirm the authenticity of her words, Tiona held the 'Great Double Blade Ulga' with one hand and patted her chest with the other to assure him.

It was a pity that her meager capital didn't have the slightest convincing power!

"It's really troublesome. It seems that there is no other way then!"

Yami sighed helplessly, then pulled out the Nichirin Sword and pointed it at Tiona. The latter showed a surprised expression again, "Oh, do you mean to resist to the end?"

"Of course, I don't have a habit of being controlled by others."

"If you can't fight, at least you must have the consciousness to die!"

After the words fell, Yami's eyes became deep. This sentence also stunned the four girls present, and then there was an inexplicable approval in their eyes.

The way they looked at the man in front of them also changed.

Could a person who could speak such philosophical words really do voyeurism?

For a moment, the three girls headed by Tiona all showed expressions of thought, and only Ais remained expressionless, making it impossible to see what she was thinking.

At this time.

Grasping the moment when everyone was stunned, Yami disappeared, turned around, and fled toward the distance.


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