31 A Cute Girl like You Shouldn’t have Scars

I will say this, sure there will be sex scenes in this fic, but the first time, excluding certain situations, will be the only time I describe what their doing in detail where as the rest of the time it will just be implied that they went off and did it but I won't write it as this isn't a smut heavy fanfic.


"…. Mikan I can see you, you know?" I say as I approach her, while she just shrinks away and hides some more.

I should note that I had completed the original mission for the Romance system, the reward was a 5% increase from those of the opposite gender to me, but it only influenced those attracted to me and not those who weren't.

And with her already being interested in me before that quest was completed, and now after she along with Saki have stalkerish tendencies, Saki being a bit too much in my personal space while we're working/relaxing/eating together while, also she would make herself look good just for me and me alone, letting her hair down and becoming her beautiful self that would have appeared in her story when she entered Highschool.

As for Serenity, well she still considers herself my servant, but me being able to touch her without dying has made her really clingy to me when she's not out doing her job of scouting around my home for any Magus's or other threats, I mean physically it would take a middle to kill me, probably several, but I don't think my endurance counts when it comes to magical attacks, and while my Spiral powers can defend against that, I still haven't got it out of the infantile stage, I need a better concepts on both Anti-Spiral and Spiral energies to make them begin to grow.

"Haaa…. Mikan, want to go somewhere else? Just the two of us? I know each Bungalow has their own pools, you wanna go hang out at my place?" I say to her as I lean back on the tree and look over my shoulder to her.

"Uuuu, but your thinking about other things, I can tell by the look on your face, you were thinking about some other girls besides me right?" She says as she gets a tiny bit bold as she points out my thought.

"What are…. Oh right you can read peoples faces like a book, yes I was thinking of other girls, but one is my bodyguard to say in simple terms, and the other is my classmate, and I'll be honest, all three of you care about me…. A bit too much if you three all like to stalk me like this." I say as I scratch at my head.

"I-I'm n-not s-stalking, I'm just watching you from a distance is all." She says as she turns around and pushes her fingers together nervously as a heavy blush covered her face.

"…. Mikan…. That's just a very nice way of saying your stalking me." I say with a sigh before I chuckle.

"I-I-I'm Sorry! P-please don't hat-" she started to get all nervous and nearly began to cry before I turned around and went around the tree before putting my hand on her head and began to rub her head.

"Mikan, I want you to remember this, unless you go and harm the people I care about, I will never hate you, because of you I was able to change my life from the one I once had." I said with a bright and genuine smile on my face as I was happy to have her in my life as she was the one that helped me majorly change it as a result.

*Puff* smoke was coming out of her head as she held her cheeks as her face turned completely red from hearing my genuine praise and knowing that my expressions matched my face.

"So Mikan, want to go back to my place and enjoy some alone time together?" I say as I pull back my hand from her head and hold it out for her.

She nervously reaches out before grabbing onto my hand as she shyly nods which makes me smile before I take her hand and head off towards my own personal Bungalow.

'Master from what I have come to understand, the attack will happen in 3 days from now.' Serenity said to me through our connection to one another.

'That's fine, kill their leader when this begins, I'll tell you if we need your help to deal with them, just after this mess is over deal with the bodies.' I say as I bring Mikan to my Bungalow to enjoy our own private date together.

It's best to test the waters a bit before I go to far, though I know that she is the second most sexually frustrated member of their class right behind TeruTeru, or maybe she is the most now since TeruTeru doesn't harass the girls in his class since he's been getting fan girls fawning over him and probably had some fun with a few that were willing if I had to guess.

Good thing we were in swimsuits already so we could relax in the pool or just relax, but seeing her flustered face I think it was best to just let her relax.

"Jeez, calm down Mikan, I'm not going to eat you or anything, this is just a date so I'm not going to do anything to you if you don't want me to." I say trying to reassure her, but it made her even more flustered.

"Date!? Ehh? Ehh?! We're having a date right now?!" She shouted out even more surprised as her face was burning red as she really just realized that this was a Date that we were having together.

'She really is an airhead sometimes.' I think with a smile, "Yes, Yes, this is a date, now let's enjoy our time together alright, but…." I say before I look at her arms and legs as I see her bandaged arm and leg.

I gently touch her arm, making her slightly flinch but doesn't mind me touching her bandages, "Mikan, can I trust you to keep a secret?" I say as I hold her forearm in my hands.

"…. A secret?" She looked at me a bit confused.

"A cute girl like you shouldn't have scars on your body, will you let me heal you in my own way, but I hope you keep it a secret from others." I say as I look at her with a sincere look in my eyes.

"O-okay, I won't tell anyone Hifumi."she promised me, so I nodded and let my magic circuits along with my spiral energy to enter the wound across her arm as a green light envelopes the injured area.

Here eyes widened as her mouth was left agape as I removed the bandages around her arm to reveal her completely healed, then I repeated it again on her leg which completely healed her as well.

"A cute girl like you shouldn't have scars covering your body." I said as I looked up and smiled at her.

*PUFF!* a huge amount of smoke appeared from from her head as her eyes went all swirly, "Awawawawawawawawa…." She muttered out before falling back in her beach chair as she took to much damage from what I said to her.

"Mikan? Oi Mikan you alright?!" I say surprised as this is the first time I ever made a girl faint from complimenting her so much.

I scratch my head, "Well guess I got to get her a fan and some juice to cool her off, we will talk when she's all better." I mutter to myself before I head back inside to get what I need to cool her off.

Though getting Mikan is going to be easier than I thought.


Alright so for future fate summons I'm thinking only 1 servant per type, maybe two at most so I want suggestions on who would be a good choice.

I'm not including Scathach for a choice in Lancer as she is always the go to choice everyone chooses for a female Lancer.

And I already know who I want for Saber so no need to think about that one and last thing is none of the Rin look a likes can be summoned due to her existence in his world already thus making it impossible to summon Ishtar and Ereshkigal.

Saber: Chosen (You can Guess if you want)

Lancer: Unchosen

Archer: Unchosen

Caster: Unchosen

Rider: Unchosen

Assassin: Hassan of Serenity

Berserker: Unchosen

I may include the other classes later on if I want but let's go for the main ones for now

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