34 Using the Medallion of Forceful Upgrade!


Leo bends his knees slightly as he places his left hand toward the fallen zombie, on his right hand a little empty bottle can be seen.

Upon muttering in a low voice, the skin of the green zombie on the ground shivered slightly as green essence began to flow out from its mouth, slowly extracting green essence from its body.

After minutes of extracting, Leo quickly used his "Telekinesis" skill to manipulate the green essence toward the empty bottle before closing it.


I didn't expect extracting to be exhausting, not only did it take a huge amount of mana, but it also took a huge toll mentally.

Leo sighed heavily as he stood up before using his soul scan toward the green essence in the bottle.


[ Zombie Essence (50%): A good material for countless potions... Suitable for concocting strength, stamina, and health potion... ]

Leo read the long explanation of the "Green Essence" attentively. Surprisingly, it already explains the best use of the materials and how he could further increase the usage of the materials.

It is because of Soul Scan? Leo silently thought.

"Already done?"

The robust man approaches and asks as he glances at the green liquid in hands of Leo in an awkward manner. Nodding slightly, the robust man again asks.

"Is that a material for potion concoction? I didn't expect that... Zombies could be used as a material."

"Do... you really need to use that as a material?" Rosa asked as she shuddered slightly at the thought of drinking a potion made of zombie's remains.

Hearing those words Leo smiled slightly as he looked at Rosa who was holding a 1.5-meter-tall green staff before replying.

"Yes, it is one of the best materials to create strength, stamina, and health potion that could last for days at best after consumption...

"It is also one of the materials used to create a Permanent Increasing Potion for strength and health."

Leo paused for a second before continuing, "I even learned that you could directly consume foundation level 5 zombies' bodies to permanently increase your strength, stamina, and health by 1. However, it is best if I concoct it to create a potion..."


+1,000 horror points!

Obviously shuddering, upon hearing Leo's voice, the group couldn't help but gulf in horror as they stared at Leo complicatedly.

It's already been two days since they managed to find Leo and Roy, and it's already been two days since they found Leo was quite strange.

Although they knew that Leo didn't mean what he said and all he said was true regarding potion materials. They found Leo's mind was quite... Terrifying and slightly twisted.

To be exact, Leo always thinks something strange that usually sane people wouldn't think.

There is even one instance in which Leo wanted to strip a zombie completely naked to study it inside and out. Fortunately, they managed to convince Leo not to do it.

Smiling slightly upon seeing the increase in his horror points, Leo put the bottle in his inventory before unhurriedly standing up.

'I didn't expect that scaring people is more profitable than killing level 8 zombies. Not only that, it is also much easier to scare them than killing zombies!"

Still, unfortunately, Leo would not be able to upgrade his class job to uncommon for a while. Since in able to create a potion, Leo needed a lot of materials, a good environment, tools, and fire.

With that, the only option left for him is to rely on the town of the group... However, a new problem arose after that.

Leo learned that it would take them 15 to 20 days for the group to go back to the town!

Besides that, if they meet unfortunate circumstances along the way, it would take much longer to reach the town!

Leo only has 6 days left on his "Soul Body Skill" before reverting back to a ghost!

Sigh, I'm saving this for unexpected but I didn't expect that I would use this for my problem.

Leo sighed mentally, planning to use the Medallion of the Forceful upgrade later.


[ Name: Leo Ricafrente

Species: Wisp/Ghost

Job Class: ( Neutral Primordial Witchcraft ! (Common))

Lifespan: 0/ ???

Innate Skill: Mind Corrosion

Physique: Soul Body

___ Attributes ___

Level: 19( 363/1100 Exp )

Free Attribute Points: 16

Health: 78/78

Mana: 95/95

Stamina: 92/92 (10)

Strength: 62.6 (0.5) (Increase health by 10 and speed by 2 every 20 of Strength points!)

Speed: 40 (10)

Magic Power: 46

Soul Power: 103 (10)


Skills: Invisibility (Lvl 5), Mist of Illusion (Lvl5), Jinx (Lvl1), Constricted Soul (Lvl 5), Decayed Aura (Lvl 1), Wisp of Poison (Lvl 3), Nightmare (Lvl 1), Weak Telekinesis (Lvl 5), Physical Body of Soul (Lvl 5), Soul Shrieking (Lvl 2), Soul Scan (Lvl 1), Hidden Strenght (Lvl 5), Build up Stamina (Lvl 5)...

Class Job Skills: Potion Knowledge (Lvl 1), Puppetry Knowledge (Lvl1), Extraction (basic mastery), Mana Thread (Basic mastery).

[ Tree Talent! ] [ Store ] [ Inbox ] [ Inventory! ]


Horror points: 21,250


Soon, another 3 hours passed by. After killing quite an amount of zombies (didn't exceed level 20) the group silently slipped inside one of the destroyed buildings to rest for a while.

Knowing that the time was right, Leo distanced himself from the group at the pretense of resting as he took out the Bronze Medallion from the system.

'Hopefully, it would increase the days by a huge amount.'


[ Do you want to use the Medallion of the Forceful Upgrade (Unrated!) to upgrade "Physical Body of Soul (Lvl 5)" to Level 6?

(Accept/Declined)? ]

Without hesitation, Leo pressed the accept button as he closed his eyes.

In an instant, after using the medallion, Leo felt a sudden strange feeling inside him as if some restrain broke down causing his soul body to integrate toward his physical body in a deeper level.

'Fortunately, there's no strange phenomenon."

After waiting for a couple of minutes the strange feeling within him slowly receded as the familiar sound of notification rang inside his head, causing Leo to open his eyes in relief.


[ Congratulations upon successfully upgrading the "Physical Body of Soul" to Level 6! ]

[ Physical Body of Soul (Level 6) - In the correct time and in the correct place where the spiritual is at its thickest, the host would gain a semi-permanent body.

Activation: Correct Time, Correct Place, and Thickest Spiritual. ( The requirements of the activation of the skill were halved )

Effects: Gain a Physical body that could last up to 24 days! (The physical body contains 60% strength and 80% durability based on soul power.)

Skill Upgrade Cost: 2 Medallion of Forceful upgrade!

Note: Legends that Spirits could gain a physical body when the spirituality in certain places is at its thickest. ]


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