It was the era when kingdoms dominated the Earth. Big and small, the kingdoms had their own territory and specialty. Ruled by their kings, the kingdoms tried to provide prosperity and security to their people.

However, the kings of those kingdoms seemed dissatisfied with what they had in their territory. Each kingdom had characteristics that distinguished it from other kingdoms, and some of them were envious and wanted to conquer other kingdoms for various reasons.

The territories of some kingdoms were in barren areas, and they were tempted to conquer other kingdoms that were in the fertile areas. Some kingdoms had areas that were very cold all year round, and they wanted to live more comfortably by conquering some kingdoms in warmer areas.

For that reason, war was not something unusual back then. Big kingdoms started their domination, and small kingdoms could only pray for their survival. The small kingdoms just wanted to stay out of sight, trying not to attract the attention of the big kingdoms so they could avoid wars that could destroy the peace.

Shovalon was a small kingdom that could only pray for the safety of its kingdom. They were a small kingdom in a small region, but the small region was in a strategic position that could tempt other kingdoms to seize their area.

Not only that, but the kingdom had also been blessed with fertile land and a friendly climate. The soil was fertile, and with a climate that was neither too warm nor too cold, any crop could grow in Shovalon.

However, Shovalon had no mines, so the people there could only rely on the land to stay alive in such a small kingdom. Shovalon remained small and did not have a strong power because they could only rely on farming business.

They could not even produce their own gold, silver, or copper, so trade in the kingdom was mostly based on barter. They could only exchange their crops and animals for things like clothes and other daily necessities.

Shovalon was not a young kingdom, but they couldn't grow bigger because of that situation. They remained to be a small kingdom when other kingdoms were able to grow bigger because of the resources in their kingdoms.

Shovalon was not a big and rich kingdom, but they were known for their beautiful scenery and friendly people. And even if they wanted to remain lowkey so that they didn't attract the attention of other kingdoms, some other kingdoms still wanted to conquer the land of Shovalon.

The kingdom of Wemor was one of the kingdoms that wanted to steal the beautiful region of Shovalon. Wemor was the kingdom of witches. They lived in the dark and gloomy territory, and no kingdoms wanted to overthrow such an ominous kingdom.

Witches wouldn't be an easy enemy for those kingdoms, and those kingdoms chose to avoid the witches' kingdom even if they had strong troops and weapons. They knew that powerful troops and weapons would not be able to resist the evil spells of those witches, so they had better stay away and try not to offend the witches.

Shovalon never offended Wemor, but Wemor still had an eye on them and wanted to conquer them. The catastrophe of Shovalon arrived when the witches of Wemor set their foot in the beautiful kingdom.

When those witches arrived, the atmosphere in Shovalon turned gloomy all of a sudden. No one knew what kind of spell was used by the witches, but even the sun didn't dare to brighten the country when Wemor started attacking the small kingdom.

The Shovalon people could only hide inside their houses when the witches came, but the witches ended up killing them by burning down all the houses in the kingdom. The witches didn't even have to lay their hands on burning the entire kingdom because they could do it using special spells.

The whole kingdom had been burned except the palace. Shovalon Palace was the most beautiful place in the kingdom. It was surrounded by the clear water of the Corail River.

The Corail was the only river flowing in Shovalon and was known for its purity and clarity. People could also see the bedrock and the fish swimming in the river, proving that the Corail River was indeed not polluted by any substance.

However, when the witches walked past the bridge to enter the palace, all the fish and aquatic plants in the river instantly died and withered. The Corail River was no longer beautiful and pure.

There were only the king, queen, princess, and a few guards in the palace hall when the Wemorians finally entered the grand building. There were fewer than fifteen surviving guards, and they were protecting three of Shovalon's most important figures with weapons in their hands.

The sight was quite ridiculous, and the strongest witch of Wemor laughed out loud all of a sudden. The laughter echoed in the hall, and the poor people of Shovalon became more and more alerted when they heard the evil laughter.

Wemor was not ruled by a king or queen but was led by the strongest witch named Sharass. She was the strongest witch, and no one dared to refuse when she wanted to do something or wanted to get something, including her desire to conquer Shovalon.

With her long, messy black hair that even reached the floor, Sharass walked towards the royal family, who was guarded by their guards. The strongest witch wasn't even wearing any footwear, but every step she took seemed to give a heavy thump to the hearts of powerless humans.

Stopping right in front of the guards protecting the royal family, Sharass smirked as she brought her bloodshot eyes to scan the family of three.

"So, it is true that the royal family of Shovalon has such beautiful silver hair. I'm so envious of such dazzling hair, so how about I cut off all your heads and plant the silver strands on my scalp? Do you all mind?"

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