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Cup of Regret


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What is Cup of Regret

Read Cup of Regret novel written by the author Jenjibread on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi Romance stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, comedy, system, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


To all the broken hearts. To all the shattered dreams. What is your deepest desire? Falling in love with the prince? Riches beyond belief? The power to rule the world? If you are desperate enough, I can give you anything. Welcome to the Underworld’s newest system. _____ What? How does my advertisement still sound like a ripoff from an angsty teenager’s diary? No, boss, I promise. I didn’t write that in three minutes before it was due. Just promote me to a Soulguider Technician already. Here, let’s try again. If you have unfulfilled wishes from your past life, join the beta testing group for the Underworld’s newest system. Using the data collected from your survey experience, we’ll custom-tailor a new future for you in your next lifetime. Oh wait, the users might not know that they’re already dead?


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The thing with Jenjibread is that she is just such a well-rounded writer that she can switch between perspectives/point-of-views naturally. She has a deep understanding of different genres and what makes a book a fantasy, versus a historical, versus a modern tale. And that understanding, which one can only imagine to be instinctual, and thus a result of talent, makes her writing so multi-faceted. This new work of her brings to mind a mixture of classics, whether it be Greek Mythology, English poetry of the 17th Century or even the Torah/Bible, to which she gives a postmodern taste. She touches the subjects of death, fate, the afterlife in such a way that it becomes close to us millennials who rather spend our days binge-watching Netflix than thinking about what comes next when our bodies hit the floor. Themes that are so modern, such as the ridiculous real estate prices, the fact that in today's job market there is a consistent change in skills that are needed to get and keep a job, which puts so much pressure on the younger generation, the desire to be creative but to always have something stifling that creativity, are explored with wittiness, humor and a tacit understanding between the reader and the author that these themes actually transcend times and ages. ABSOLUTELY worth a read!!! I recommend with vigor (yes, VIGOR)!!!


(Spoiler of another book included) There’s a play called Our Town that exemplifies some of the aspects of Death in this story. The Dead in Our Town is quite lifeless and does not have any clear goal or aim. They are just... existing. Newcomers of the Dead attempt to go back and relive their lives, but end up coming back due to how fast life is. A newly dead girl says that no one appreciates the world for its beauty. Furthermore, the Dead says the living live in a cloud of ignorance and it seems like they’re shut up in little boxes. However, I reckon that the Dead is just as ignorant as the living. After all, if the living are shut up in little boxes, then the Dead are shut up in coffins. Though the Dead can see the living’s ignorance, they cannot see their own. I think this book will go into how the Dead is ignorant in different ways. Some cannot let go of the past, some cannot let go of death, and maybe some later cannot let go of either. This is a fresh new concept especially to Webnovel as it concerns life and death, but more-so the life during death. Though the author makes tiny mistakes from time to time (that are easily fixable), I believe she is a great writer who is able to use the MC’s perspective to truly shape the whole book while making it aesthetically pleasing to read. It’s a diamond in the rough right now, but I’m sure it will only shine brighter later. I do think she needs to add some info here and there to explain certain concepts to the readers, but otherwise the book is on a good track. If you ever want a truly amazing book to read, check out Jenji’s works. They are of the most top quality here in Webnovel in my opinion. Anyways, I expect much from this book even though we’re only 2 chapters in and good luck author!! ☺️


What is there after this life? I've pondered that question for many sleepless nights. As a bioengineering major, this question seems obvious. After the last action potential fires, we're pretty much done for. But for the writer in me, that answer isn't enough. So, this tale is an exploration of the Underworld and all the lost hopes that couldn't be achieved in one lifetime. I rated this pretty shamelessly because this is a story that has been on my mind for a long time, but if you are deciding between reading this story or not, an actual in-depth review is as follows. Writing Quality: I experiment with some dark humor elements and symbolism, and I do strive for near-perfect grammar. Obviously, there will still be imperfection, however. Stability of Updates: This will be a relatively short story, and I'll update near-daily until it is completed. Story Development: It is a collection of different scenarios as seen through this Underworld virtual reality system, and every few chapters will present a new character's story. They will be about the "what ifs" in life and what could have happened (for examples of the type please refer to the synopsis) and will all be linked together by the overarching protagonist and her adventures. Character Design: Dabria seems pretty blunt at first, but she's really just an introverted hardware designer at heart. She's scared of leaving the world having done nothing with her life, and even more, she wants to leave a mark and be remembered because she fears for the nothingness after life. World Background: The Underworld has WiFi and facial recognition. Enough said.


Another story from one of my favorite author. You can assured of smooth grammar and amazing story telling skills. I hope the book go well and appreciated. And hope you keep writing it, even after the contest. Good luck with the contest and congrats on the new book. To readers. Hope you follow this path with us. It won't disappoint.


Another great book by jenjibread. I read her previous works on this platform and now I notice she has uploaded another book. The prologue was amazing and I look forward to the rest of the book


Why haven't you already given your Power Stones for this book? Do you think there is something more deserving than this? Why are you even reading this review? It's a good booke. Booke is an ancient term used for book. Now go read the story already!


This is definitely worth reading. I got hooked reading the first chapter wondering about death. The writing quality is beautifully done and makes me don't want to miss out on every paragraph. The main character's stubborn personality and persisting in staying in the underworld are also interesting. I finished reading up to chapter 8 and will wait for the next chapters!


First of all I commend your writing skill, your Grammer was exceptionally good and story was build in a great way. I loved reading this one. I'm looking forward for more chapters. Keep writing and thanks for working hard :)


Man oh man is this story real good. First of all, the grammar was amazing but the way everything was described was heavenly and truly beautiful, the first chapter was a serious lesson of philosophy and the latest chapter got unexpectedly dark but my god is this story amazing. Absolute 5/5, please read this one.


I'm not good at pointing out the weakness in this novel but I don't think Ive found one. I like how the story flow smoothly and the way the author write it is very appealing to me. The story is interesting for sure! It's a good start and waiting for the upcoming chapters. Fighting author-nim 💪


To the Author, I decided to see if you had any original works published on this platform as a reward for liking so many of my comments in other stories. And that’s how I came to find this book here. To the Future Reader(s), I hope this book suits your tastes. It had the wording of a Millennial Teen and elements of ancient culture wrapped into one. The book is off to a good start. So, give it a try! Good luck on your literary journey and I’ll see you in the chapter comments...


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