3 Alice The AI

But just when he was feeling confused, suddenly, a little girl's voice screamed inside his head with a sob. [Master!]

Xia Tian was dumbfounded when he heard the little girl's voice. Moreover, he was very familiar with the little girl's voice, which left him speechless for quite a while. His mind was struggling to understand what was happening, as the little girl shouldn't be with him right now, but now he could hear her voice as clearly as in the past.

[Sob! Why are you silent, Master!? I thought... I thought you really died!] The little girl spoke again loudly as she continued to sob.

Xia Tian took a deep breath; he tried to calm himself and his confused mind, then asked. "How can you be in this world with me, Alice?"

Alice then quickly explained to him [I... I really don't know, Master. My system died with you when you died in the previous world. But suddenly, my system restarted by itself, and when my system was online, I realized that we were already in another world. Anyway, while you were still sleeping, I upgraded my system and adjusted my database with the latest one I got from the memory of the previous owner of your current body. Oh, one more thing, I also mapped this world. The name of this world is Seven Star World, and it belongs to the lower realm because the quality of energy in this world is too low. And also, 99% of this world's database is similar to our previous world, Master.]

Xia Tia raised his eyebrows as soon as Alice finished explaining. From the start, he had thought he was still in the same universe but couldn't be sure, as he still couldn't feel the energy in this world. But now that Alice said that 99% of this world's database was similar to his previous world, it meant that he was still in the same universe, which excited him.

"But your existence in this world is bizarre, Alice," Xia Tian said confusedly.

He was confused by Alice's presence because Alice was an AI he created several hundred years ago, and he implanted her main chip in his old body's brain. Moreover, since he had already inhabited someone else's body, and it was also impossible for an inanimate object to move along with his soul, Alice shouldn't be with him now.

Alice immediately protested loudly. [Ah! Who cares! Most importantly, I can be with you like before, and my existence will also be beneficial to you, Master]

Xia Tian sighed softly, then he said with a smile. "You're right, Alice. Having you by my side would be of great use to me, and I wouldn't be too lonely with you here. Anyway, show me my status, Alice."




Name: Xia Tian

Age: 16

Race: Human

Cultivation: 1st Stage Meridian Awakening Realm

Spiritual Root: [Divine] Elemental Spiritual Root (Crippled)

Bloodline: Unknown

Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning, Light, Darkness, Space

Innate Ability: Self Regeneration


Body Techniques:-

Dual Cultivation:-


Xia Tian was stunned momentarily as soon as he read his status, but before long, he laughed softly. "Haha! I didn't expect this body to have a Divine Elemental Spiritual Root. Even my former body only had Heaven Grade Spiritual Root! But why is my bloodline unknown, Alice?"

[I don't know, Master. I've checked both databases but still couldn't find your bloodline. But I found some new features in my system, and I don't remember having such features before.]

"What? New features? How is that possible?" Xia Tian raised his eyebrows upon hearing that. "Show me those features, Alice."




> Mission

> Rewards

> Inventory

> Normal Shop

> Dual Cultivation Shop


Xia Tian's eyes widened, then he let out a low cry. "What the hell? How can there be features like this in your system? I don't remember giving you such features before, Alice."

[I don't know either, Master. I came across these features while looking for information about your bloodline.]

"Well, whatever. I'm helpless anyway because all the devices to check your system don't exist." Xia Tian said with a sigh. He still felt strange about Alice's presence, and now some peculiar features had also appeared in her system without her knowing.

But then he said with bright eyes and full of determination. "I am Long Tian, ​​and I will return to being the strongest again! But before that, I must recover my spiritual root first and restart my cultivation from scratch again."

[Hehe, I believe you can do it, Master. And as for your spiritual root, I've prepared a list of the ingredients you need to recover it, Master.]

Xia Tian then took the paper on his desk, and he began to write down the five ingredients that Alice mentioned; and he smiled broadly after writing everything down, then he asked. "In your opinion, which cultivation path should I choose now, Alice? Should I retake my old path? Or should I change my cultivation path?"

Xia Tian was undecided about deciding on his new cultivation path because his former cultivation path took him thousands of years to become the strongest, and he didn't have the patience to repeat it.

[Master, if you want to cultivate your old path again, it will take a long time for you to become the strongest. In my opinion, you should take the dual cultivation path because only the dual cultivation path will make you stronger quickly.]

"Dual cultivation path, huh? How often did you ask me to be a dual cultivator back then, Alice?" Xia Tian said with a bitter smile, then he was silent for quite a while, but he finally made up his mind, and he decided to take a different path from his past life. "Sigh! Although I don't like the dual cultivation path, it seems I have no other choice, as I need to return to being the strongest as soon as possible."

After Xia Tian said that, Alice immediately transferred some techniques to him. Although currently, his spiritual root was still crippled, there was no problem for him to learning a technique he had never tried before, so he chose to understand the essence of the techniques first.

- To Be Continued -


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