256 "Real Heroes..." (Done editing...)

"Minasan~" Juro's head spins at the sudden change in atmosphere brought upon by Mr. Fool's greeting to the children.

He is then startled when the children suddenly spring into action with different weapon constructs that suddenly materialize in their hands: Chihiro with a katana, Kanon with a pair of sais, Osamu with a cutlass his height, Ran with a naginata, and Taishiro with a spear.

With their weapons, they strike sharply at Mr. Fool.

Juro cannot express his shock at the skill of the children with their weapons as he sees something even more incredible.

"HAHA~ Too slow!~"

Mr. Fool simultaneously catches the children's attacks and locking their weapons in place.

With his left hand, he holds Chihiro's katana by its spine between his fingers.

His head turned to the side, he catches Kanon's sai with his teeth.

His right hand captures Osamu's huge cutlass by the spine of the blade.


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