62 Yu Tian

"Then what should Xiao Hua call Brother Yuan?" she asked him.

"Tian… Yu Tian, that is my real name," Yuan said to her.

"Xiao Hua understands, Brother Tian," she nodded her head.

"Thank you, Xiao Hua."

Yuan and Xiao Hua continued to approach the city's entrance.

Many minutes later, they arrived at the city gate, and to their surprise, there was a small crowd gathered there and looking like they were surrounding something, and they were all young men.

"Fairy lady, what is your name? I am Bai Chen from the Heavenly Tiger Academy…"

"Forget about him, young fairy. My father is an Elder at the prestigious Nine Crane Sect!"

"Why are you standing here by yourself, young lady? Are you waiting for someone? Why don't you come with me instead—"

A clear and delightful-sounding voice suddenly interrupted these young men, "I am sorry, but I have no interest in accompanying any of you, and I already have a schedule with someone else."

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