475 The Reason for His Condition

"By the way, I have over 10,000 years of experience in the field of medicine, and there hasn't been a single patient that I haven't been able to cure since I became a doctor." Li Shizhen said.

Yuan nodded, "I will trust you."

Though it was not like he never trusted Li Shizhen.

Even if Li Shizhen didn't say any of that, Yuan would've still trusted him, as he was someone that Feng Yuxiang trusted enough to approach.

"Great. Now then, why don't you tell me what seems to be troubling you?" Li Shizhen asked him a moment later.

Yuan took a deep breath and proceeded to explain his situation to Li Shizhen without telling Li Shizhen that he was the person on the topic.

"I have this friend who grew incredibly sick out of the blue when he was young, and he has been crippled since then."


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