Cultivation Online

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him. In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living. Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds. --------------------- My other novels: Dual Cultivation

MyLittleBrother · Games
Not enough ratings
1580 Chs

Serious Implications

"Ancient Dragon City…? So are you still inside the Mystic Realm or not?" Meixiu asked him after hearing his story.

"I don't think so."

"But you still have your cultivation base, right? Shouldn't your cultivation base return to your original cultivation base— maybe a little more after you leave the place?" Meixiu asked.

"Now that you mention it, I still had my Mystic Realm cultivation base at the Ancient Dragon City. Maybe it's a phenomenon because I didn't leave the Mystic Realm the proper way?"

"That's the only logical explanation for it, I guess," Meixiu mumbled.

"Anyways, what are you going to do now? Do you have a way to return to the Mystic Realm?"

"I have no idea how to return, but the Dragon Emperor said he'll try to do something about it, so we can only rely on him for now."

"Do you want me to tell the Sect Master and the others?" Meixiu then asked.