1 Prologue


Today my life is going to takes the darkest turn. Which turns my whole world upside down. All my life I thought I am going to have my mate. The one who loved me and cherish me and be there for me every time I was about to fall he didn't let me. He will protect me. But it's all end now. I thought coming back to korea would change my life for better. But nothing goes that way the devil himself write my fate. I know we all are the one but I didn't thought I will be the one to pay for all the past deeds my parents pulled. We all are immortals but I am helpless so does my parents our clan. There's no one to protect me.

Everything changed the moment he stepped in my life and make it hell. That I am scared from him to the core. I know what he is capable of he is almighty, powerful, a leader whom everyone bowed to. He needs only one dangerous look to kill anybody. But I never thought he crossed my path but God had other plans for me. I know there's more to this hell which is going to be worst that it already is he didn't give me any other choice. I had to do it I told myself and now.

Here I am get ready for to be cagged by the devil himself. Here I am get ready for my wedding where he is going to make me his. Where he is going to marked me his and never let go. And I can't do anything. I can't do anything to save myself.

The stylist said that I looked beautiful. I glanced at my reflection and a bitter laugh escaped my mouth. I am getting ready only to be ruined by him. He snatched everything from me in a just a snap of his fingers. My friends are there to tease me. They said that I am so lucky to be his wife. Only if they had aware of the truth. A tear rolled down my eyes at my thoughts.

Soon I was at the wedding destination. My mom and dad is with me and they had tears in there eyes and mine to. I know it's there fault but not actually they did what they had to do that time. But here I am facing the consequences. I am angry at them but this is all I can do cause at the end they are my parents who give me life and raised me. And I had to save them I had to do this. I tell myself once more.

My dad extended his hand for me to take and I did. I had tears my eyes and my face is blank. My heart is heavy.

I walked the aisle with my dad. All eyes are on me. I heard the people gossiping and complimenting me but I could careless I was in another world.

I glance up only to see. None other than the almighty Kim Taehyung. He was wearing a well tailored suit. Looking godly. The women around is ogling at him.

Waiting for me to destroy me. With his head held high proudly. Our eyes met and I can see the hatred he had towards me towards my parents as his eyes turned slightly red. His looked at me emotionlessly having blank expression. But he had a devilish smirk plastered on his ethereal face. I quickly adverted my eye away from him. I glanced around and next to him there stands five men which I assume his friends.

We watch in front of him and he extended his hand I looked at him in in fear. He glared at me and I obliged as he want me to like an obedient submissive I am being after encounter the past events with him.

He is someone whom you shouldn't want be involved and mess with.

Soon the priest started the ceremony and we were announced husband and wife till death do us apart. I looked at him and the look he gave is not at all pleasant. He leaned forward to kiss me I fisted my hands. When his lip touched mine I froze. And something sparked inside me. But it didn't last for long. His lips moved smoothly but didn't kissed back. Just then But he bite my lips harder to get me back to reality he again bit my lower lip harshly while pulling away.

"When the priest said the vows. I also vowed to me and that is I will make your live a living hell and ruined you till death do us apart. And I mean it. " He said gritting his teeth in his deep dangerous tone. I shivered to death my legs are about to give up. But I still put on the act somehow.

We thanked all the guest for joining us. As de dragged me from table to table I didn't utter a single word only nodded my head it's more like him thanking them as some of them give me cold looks cause they know who I am.

I said my goodbyes to mom and dad. With tears streaming down our faces. As I know I will not be able to see them for a long time.

Soon we reached his mansion. We didn't exchange a single word since the wedding. He get off the car and trolled towards me. Getting out as well. We entered and maids welcomed us but he ignored them and continue dragging me upstairs stopping infront of a room. Which I assumed his bedroom. Panick. The panicking strike me and I lost my ability to breathe.

He pushed me inside closing the door behind him. My eyes rounded in shock and fear both. He looked like he is going to kill me with his stares.

"Finally. Ah finally I get the chance to take me revenge. Finally I had a chance to get your dad on his knees. I know you're his weakness. And now you are mine. Mine to hurt, mine to touch, mine to torture and mine to ruined. " He said with a crazy look on his face while spreading his arms glancing upward.

Then he glanced at me. His demeanor changed. His eyes darkened. His iris ecoming color of blood red. His aura darkened more. I started backing away in fear from him as he started stepping toward me.

"Are you scared love. " He asked darkly.

"N-no I am not. " It's more like a whisper but he heard it very well as he stand in front of me in the speed of light grabbing my waist pulling me harder towards him.

"Liar liar pants on fire. " His fangs are threatening to come out. I scared me more I closed shut my eyes.

He pushed me. And I landed on a soft material which I supposed to be bed. He hovered over me I can felt that. My body is trembling from fear.

"As I said before." He started. While caressing my cheeks with the back of his hand.

"We are meant to be together love. " He said gritting his teeth as he looked straight into my eyes with a glare. While clenching his jaw.

"No l-let me g-go, i-i don't want t-this. " I said with a scared expression plastered on my face as he stand in front of me. Tear started brimmed out off my eyes.

He leaned forward again and captured my lips in his in a aggressive kiss. He abused my lips by sucking and biting on them harshly. I can felt his fangs are coming out as he kissed me more harder making it bleed. I yelped trying to pushed him away but he didn't even budge. Instead he make his way towards my neck and collarbones. Leaving bruises everywhere.

He pulled away when he felt the need and put his both knees on my both thighs so I stayed in my place. He looked like a monster. A monster who his waiting to ruined me.

I opened my eyes tears blurred my vision but I could see his anger and lustful eyes as he gazed at me. In one swift motion he tear my dress from the center. I yelped loudly.

He looked at me biting his lips in the process. He inhaled my scent in the air and his pupils scared me. He roamed his hand over my body making me disgusted. I feel disgusted at way he touched me.

"Please I-i n-not ready. " I plead but he ignored it. His senses filled with lust and lust only to listened my plea. He looked me in the eyes.

"Do I look like I care. I marry you to get you under me so I could ruined you and you filthy parents. To snatch all the happiness from your life. I want you all to feel the same what I feel. When your parents snatched my all reasons to smile." He gritted through is teeth with so much hatred but I am helpless. He is right we were the reason. We were the sinner and now I have to pay for all.

"I have every right to do this. So just shut the fuck up and get ready to face the hell. " He leaned in towards my neck inhaling once more before he plunged his fangs into my neck my skin pierced making me scream but my screams were music to his ears. That's it he is marking me as his. He marked me permanently. Now there's no escape from this hell even if I tried to no one is going to accept me. Not even my clan.

Soon every clothing we have are scattered on the floor somewhere in the dark room. While he was devouring me. He positioned himself at my entrance.

"Welcome to hell my dear wifey. You're mine. Remember that. " Saying that he plunged his thick hard rod into me I screamed to the top of my lungs while he growled loudly shaking the bed underneath us as he continued to do slammed into me mercilessly like a beast. The held the headboard in the process making cracking sounds. He didn't even care if I was a virgin. All I could see is hatred and I know it's just the beginning there's more to come.

Tear streaming down continuously as he take me in every way possible. He started choking me. He fucked me more harder than before. Making my vision blurred. He increased his pace and throwing his head back groaning as loud as he can. I can see he is close and soon with some really hard thrusts he released his hot liquid deeper into me I felt that my lungs give up on me. And before I could know everything blacked out.

To be continued...

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