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Crossover ?


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Known as the Miss Perfect of business industry Elena Perez is living a 'perfect' life. Elena Perez is no other than the heiress of Perez Estate Company; the largest top company in the Asia. Blessed with Goddess-like beauty, excellent brain and wealthy background she is every man's desire and every women's inspiration. Being engaged to the well-known hottest lawyer worldwide; Luke Javier added a bonus on her seemingly perfect life. Meanwhile, a young woman who is completely unhappy with life May Gonzales is in an existential crisis after being dumped by her 34th boyfriend. She works as an office girl in the Perez Estate Company, lives in a rundown old apartment building, an orphan, sickly and often spends the rest of her day contemplating suicide. Two girls living a completely different life brought close together in an accident where their deepest hidden heartfelt desires were fulfilled.


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