Corridors of Secret Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Corridors of Secret


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Shirley has finally moved into her apartment in a building filled with weird neighbours. She's ready to live her life and find her future, but she never expected it to happen so fast as she fell in love with her handsome supernatural landlord, a baseball superstar, Charlie Baker. She was frightened to give out her heart as he might just be a playboy. Having a vampire in the basement, a ghost, a couple of witches who run a phone sex business, a very intrusive caretaker, and a bunch of shapeshifters in the building, Shirley soon realizes what it means to have a Weird bunch of people when she begins to understand that even Charlie, is more than just a man. Will she be able to absorb the paranormal and find love? Will Leo, the Ghost, make peace with his past? Is Flinch, the Vampire, really Shirley's birth father? How did all of these uncommon people end up together in one place?


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