99 A piece of eggplant

The day was darkening and Zhang Wang had yet to have anything to eat, his appetite fleeing him. They were back at Zhang Sun's grave site, shovels in hand.

"I can't believe everything went down without me!" Guo Lang's voice bellowed, feet stomping while everyone else wore a somber appearance.

Zhang Wang sighed loudly, unable to make the kid shut up since meeting him once more and updating him on everything that went down.

Sikong Ren had returned to the village, joining them for Zhang Sun's reburial and Yu Yanlin wasn't emotionally inept enough to be shouting and crying his complaints while the other two were still trying to mourn.

The demon king clapped the brat on the back of his head, causing him to stumble.

"What was that for!?" Guo Lang whined, hands coming back to reach for his poor abused head.

"Silence," Yu Yanlin hissed without mercy.


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