Conquering another world with naruto
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Conquering another world with naruto


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What is Conquering another world with naruto

Read Conquering another world with naruto novel written by the author KgMyatHtet on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The berserker clenched his fist, "Brat, do you see this punching bag? If I punch you, you'll most likely die." Lin Luo said, "Brother, I've already learned the Flying Thunder God. You can meet me first, okay?" The heavy soldier was dressed in heavy armor. "Lin Luo, I will stand here and let you fight. If you take a step back, then I will lose." Lin Luo, "Fire Escape." "If I don't beat you up, I'll grill you until you're 70% done." The long-range shooter held the rune cannon and fired, "Lin Luo, under my rune cannon, no matter how strong you are, you will still be smashed into smithereens." Lin Luo yawned. "Eh, I've already woken up, but you still haven't broken through my defense. I'll sleep a bit more, you can do whatever you want." This was a story of a young man carrying the Fire Ninja System and beating up all the other powers in a foreign world to become a god bit by bit.


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hands down the shitties novel I've read. author of this story is the biggest shit I've ever seen in my life. just another simo who can't get any.


This is the shameless author(copier) here. My native language is not english. So forgive me if there is any mistakes. Anyway this novel is not my original one. I actually copy it from babel novel. In babel novel, you can read this novel and it gives you 2 free chapters every 24 hours or you can unlock with bricks. My purpose for bringing and sharing this novel here is because I think this is a great fanfiction novel and it is worth your precious time. And I just want to share to you guys because this novel gives only 2 free chapters per day in babel novel and i unlock 220+ chapters there. So I will update2 new chapters everyday if I have free times. Btw I give credit to original author Shen Shan. Have a good day guys. ( ▔㉨▔)


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