Urban Battle Royale: A SSS-level Skill Every Time Book

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Urban Battle Royale: A SSS-level Skill Every Time

Judgment Day

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# urban battle royale # escaperoom This was a world in which everyone is involved in a battle royale. Everybody who reaches the age of maturity has to participate in a game of battle royale. 100 people chosen randomly will be thrown into an arena where they will kill each other. The last-survivor or team will receive the final victory. Weapons were not restricted in the game. Cold weapons, guns, and firearms are all allowed. Superpowered beings, mutants, and cyborgs who were in hiding might all appear in this game. The final victor will win a great prize they can bring back to reality with them. To an ordinary person, this was a game with a high death rate. But even though they might die, everyone continues to charge forward because of the attractive prize! Brandon had just come of age and was supposed to be an ordinary member of the game. He was preparing to face this stringent test. However, right before he entered the game, he realized that he had a special ability! He would receive an SSS-level talent in every battle royale game! For example, the talent he received in the very first game of his life... Was that he could cloak himself!


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