Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband

[COMPLETED NOVEL] Living together with my ex-husband? Sarah never thought she would one day meet Michael, her ex-husband, again in the operating room with his body full of wounds and needing treatment from her. They were already divorced for three years, and Sarah didn’t have a good memory of the man. If she could… she would have let him die. However, she was a doctor, and a doctor's job was to save patients. Sarah immediately regretted her decision to save the man because it turned out that Michael had amnesia and remembered that they just got married! To make matters worse, she stupidly accepted her ex-in-law's request to pretend to remain Michael's wife while taking care of him. Why did she do that? However… during the time she spent with her ex-husband, Michael's attitude was very different from what Sarah had last remembered. He was very gentle… and loving. It made the feelings she thought were gone, come up to the surface. Would Sarah be able to deal with her feelings? What would happen when Michael's memory suddenly returned? Would his attitude stay the same? ============= EXCERPT: "Wifey," Michael called, looking at Sarah who was lying beside him. “Hm,” Sarah answered curtly, not looking at Michael. "I think I'm healthy." Sarah's body stiffened when she heard that. Was Michael healthy? Did that mean he had remembered everything? Would he scold her for tricking him? "Wifey? Why are you silent? I think I'm healthy and I can do it," Michael said quietly. "What do you mean?" Sarah finally looked at Michael with raised eyebrows. “Do what?” "Making babies." ============= Ps: The cover does not belong to me, credit goes to the owner. You can tell me If you want it to be taken down. Pss: Check my other stories in English 1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife 2. The Lady Vampire and Her Lover 3. Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband 4. My Beautiful Queen is Vampire

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Suddenly the memory of that time came back to Sarah's mind. Memories of when she and Michael just got married.

That time, Michael asked about her dream house, and Sarah just answered it without thinking too much about it. She had no idea that Michael was still recalling the memories that Sarah had buried long ago.

"Ahh! Michael's memory only remembers three months of our marriage. It's only natural that he still remembers about it," thought Sarah who didn't want to think more about it.

"Isn't this your dream house?" Michael repeated his question, his brows slightly raised when he saw Sarah was silent.

"Ah," Sarah was a little surprised at Michael's voice. "Yes, this is my dream house. There is a view of the city, as well as the swimming pool," replied Sarah with a smile.

"I'm pleased to hear it. I thought your dream house had changed," Michael replied with a smile.

Sarah didn't answer again and looked back at the view of the city in front of her. Her tiredness became a little less at the sight of the city, she liked it very much.

"Wifey!" Michael called softly, then placed his left hand on Sarah's right which was still holding the balcony railing.

Sarah turned. Michael's handsome face looked at her gently.

"I know you like the city view, but how about we try the swimming pool?" Michael asked then glanced at the swimming pool that was there. 

Sarah's gaze also went with Michael. There is a large swimming pool on this balcony. 

Sarah became a little interested in swimming there, but… 

"I don't have a swimsuit," Sarah said with an expression that looked very sad. 

"Well, this is our private pool, I don't think you need it," Michael said with a grin and then looked at Sarah from foot to top. 

"Pervert!" said Sarah who immediately understood Michael's gaze. 

As Michael said, she could have swim naked, but Sarah wouldn't have done it when Michael was around. 

Michael chuckled when he saw his wife's still shy behavior like that. 

"Come on," Michael said, pulling Sarah's hand. 

"I don't want to swim in these clothes, or be naked," Sarah refused. 

"I bought you a swimsuit. It's in our room," Michael replied with a smile. 

He had already guessed that Sarah would be shy again not to swim naked, so Michael had prepared for it. 


Once they went into the room to see the swimsuit Michael was referring to, Michael simply pointed out that it was in the wardrobe drawer and came out as soon as he had changed his swim trunks, not waiting for Sarah. 

Sarah was a little surprised to see the red bikini that Michael had bought, then immediately shook her head. Don't understand why Michael likes red so much. 

However, Sarah still wears the bikini, and when she looks at her reflection in the mirror, she looks bold and seductive! 

Sarah decided to immediately take off the bikini, she was too sexy right now. She will swim when she has bought a slightly less sexy swimsuit. 


"I want to swim," Sarah muttered under her breath, lowered her hand that was already holding her bikini strap and headed for the pool. 

But once again Sarah immediately stopped her footsteps when from afar she could see Michael swimming and soon the man was diving. 

For some reason, she suddenly felt embarrassed to have to meet Michael at this time. 

"Wifey! Come on! This feels refreshing!" said Michael who came to the surface and could see Sarah. His facial expression looks very happy. 

Sarah sighed, trying to muster up her courage and then decided to go over to the pool. 

Why should she be afraid of Michael? She was still wearing the clothes on her body, not completely naked. 

"Is the water cold?" asked Sarah who decided to warm up for a bit. 

"Michael?" Sarah asked again when she didn't hear Michael's answer. 

"Hah?" Michael asked, suddenly coming back to his senses. He was a little fascinated when he saw Sarah who approached him in a red bikini. 

The bra of the bikini could barely fit Sarah's chest and let her chest show a little. 

His wife looks very beautiful, and seductive. The red color is very suitable for his wife. 

"Why is he being that perverted?" Sarah thought, noticing Michael's changing facial expression. 

"Is the water cold?" Sarah asked once more then sat by the pool and dipped her feet. The expression on his face was casual, pretending not to notice Michael's gaze. 

"No really. Not too cold," Michael said with a smile and then told Sarah to immediately join together in the swimming pool. 

Sarah then immediately jumped into the pool, making a big splash of water. Michael immediately approached her. 

"Whoa!" said Sarah excitedly. It had been a long time since she last swam. 

Michael smiled at his wife's happy face. All his efforts since the past few days seemed worth it. 

The two of them were then seen swimming side by side. 

"Do you want to race?" Michael asked suddenly. 

"Hmm… no, I'm not very good at swimming," said Sarah, who immediately refused. 

This was her first time swimming with Michael, so Sarah had no idea how good Michael was at swimming. 

However, she had witnessed Michael using the butterfly style earlier and even dived for a few seconds. While she can only swim freestyle. 

"I didn't know my wife was a coward," Michael said provokingly. 

Michael's provocation seemed to work because Sarah's face looked annoyed. 

"Okay! But I want to be given the handicap to start from afar," said Sarah who didn't want to lose. 

Michael chuckled then nodded and swam towards the edge of the pool. 

"Isn't your handicap too much?" Michael asked, holding back an amused smile when he saw Sarah standing right in the middle of the pool. 

"Well, you can admit defeat if you mind," Sarah said shamelessly. 

Michael once again chuckled.

"All right then. Ready. Go!" said Michael, giving the signal. 

Hearing that Sarah immediately swam with all her might, while Michael behind her just watched his wife smiling. 

His wife looks so adorable when she looks like she's trying so hard. 

Not wanting Sarah to realize that from the start he wanted to give his wife a win, Michael started swimming. 

"Yey! I won!" Sarah said as soon as her hand touched the edge of the pool, a few seconds later Michael finally arrived. 

"Your handicap is too much," said Michael who followed Sarah crossing his arms by the pool edge, feigning protest.

"Win is win, no protest!" Sarah said shamelessly then looked ahead to wipe the water on her face. Even though she admitted that she gained too much advantage for starting from half the pool, in the end she won. 

Michael then let go of his left hand from the edge of the pool, and hugged Sarah's body, his face looking at Sarah. 

Sarah was slightly taken aback by the touch, reflexively she turned to look at Michael. 

However, her eyes immediately opened wide when she saw Michael's head slowly getting closer to her! 

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