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Code Break Zero Preview


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At the end of his journey, Ninomiya Hotaru kills a person. He wakes up, realising that it was just a dream. 10 years of his life was complete while he had no memories of the 6 years before. The same day, he is attracted to this transfer student named Akame. Beauty beyond belief. An assassination attempt of Akame was done by an assassin from the future. In the process the device that was ever stuck to his chest breaks. Ninomiya is granted almost powers beyond god, the device had his powers suppressed. A person who never knew the meaning of life suddenly gets the powers that are even beyond god, what could go wrong in this right? Welcome to Code Break S1-S6 This is a novel that will update twice a week at random upload times. [Season 1 has been completed.] [Season 2 is being written.] Discord: Hajime#0461 [Warning: This is a preview book of the original] Season 1 has already finished, it's available right now in webnovel in my profile. All you gotta do is visit my profile and look for the book with a red cover with the title Code Break Zero | Original s1-s6 It is a free novel for everyone, however, donations will be open in the future.