Code A: You're my Mission
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Code A: You're my Mission


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What is Code A: You're my Mission

Code A: You're my Mission is a popular web novel written by the author Cie-Lbitch, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 156K readers with an average rating of 4.59/5 and 88 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 52 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


SECRETS. Too many secrets! Naiah is a girl who grew up with hardly any guidance from her parents. She, however, grew up fine. Really fine! She had been traveling for so many years and finally settled in a place she wants to call home. Naiah went into a school, called Code University, where she meets or better say, someone, introduced her, to an odd male cousin. From then on she meets many vibrant people along the way. She felt out of place upon meeting these people, they all seemed much too familiar with each other. That's when she learned, they all had a secret that can shatter you down the core. Those secrets, how deep did they go? How sharp can those secrets be? Time goes by and everything begins to become unleashed from their secretive tight grip. No one knows what will be the consequences once they are exposed. How deep will their scars be? Secrets! A simple word that can make your life a living hell. A sharp word that can hurt you more than you could ever think. A dangerous word that will be your greatest enemy. *** • for my book cover, credits to the rightful owner.

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Author here! Thank you for reading my story😁 This is my first ever story! I am grateful to have WebNovel, publishing my book, my work to everyone! I hope you are enjoying my story so far and I appreciate everyone who's patiently waiting for my updates. I'm only new when it comes to writing so I understand if you see errors like grammars, spelings and all. I will try to improve those so you can really enjoy reading it😁 If you are interested and if you don't mind, post a chapter comments or paragraph comments. I will really appreciate❤❤ Thank you! Lovelots, Author


I really love the plot and how this world was built. I must say this type of novel is worth of our time so I recommend this novel! Good choice of words and very descriptive. Good work author!


hey author i loved your book.❤❤❤❤❤❤ great job.....i also love Naiah....this book is nicely written.... i highly recommend this book. 👍👍👍👍


Overall great story with good quality and the background of the story is superb. I’m in love with the character Naina already. Keep it up author 💪💪💪💪


The author has a broad imagination and is architecture of her own work. I like that in the beginning of the story the mc has a psychological baggage that spice up the story in the later parts.


Interesting and entertaining. As I read the synopsis, I am thrilled on what kind of secret does everyone around her kept. It's just can shake your curiosity. And I like how the author presented the characters. kudos writer. keep it up


Dang.. this storu is going to be a sweet one. It is well developed and i love the plot. the journey ir takes me on is out of this world. I would love to shake the author's hand. Great read, great job


Hey, Cie. I can see that you put a lot of love in your work. There were quite a few grammar errors, but it doesn't detract from your story. The female lead is also written well. She's interesting, that's for sure. I guess my only question is how does the synopsis's plot tie to the book? I read up to Ch.10, and only enjoyed the flow. I have yet to see anything about secrets. Sincerely, CodeW


Hmmmmmmmmmm... I love mysteries... Naina is noice. Well-written characters OwO. Don't know anything about romance but still will read it. Nice work to the author!!


The storyline is amazing. The characters are all very interesting and the writing is great. You also update very consistently. Btw i love the cover book. Well done author.👍


The character is outstanding. Very unique storyline that will have you hooked right from the first chapter. I found myself engrossed in the story. A job well done, author .


Wow! I have read several books and I will frankly say very few reach this level of goodness. It's truly a magnificent story and one I will continue to read. It has excellently written characters that I was able to relate to. Everything is explained vividly and leads to an absolute engagement on the part of the reader. This is a work of genius and a true masterpiece. I recommend it to everyone you will appreciate me later To the author excellent job and we love you for it.


What an interesting story!!! I love Naiah uwu. I just started reading your book, but I can say that the storyline is already captivating. Keep it up, ate cie:>> I'm proud of you!!!


Loved the whole content, the vocabulary was on point. As the novel went on, it was great to read it from the author's perspective. The characters were explained in a detailed manner. looking out for more work from you! keep it up!


Keeps you guessing and taut with suspense.You never know what to expect and you'll find yourself anxious to find out what's going to happen next.Very entertaining!


i really like the redacting. the chapters are short. it's a bit hard for me to keep up though but that's a problem of.mine so don't worry!! it's really well made overall!![img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story is good, I like the actions, and character developement, overall you could read this few times over. Goodjob writing this definitely gonna add this in my Library


I love the story so much! It is so interesting to read. Keep writing hehehe. Yeyyy! The characters are so damn lit. Keep writing!! - Sharla ❣️




this is a nice one the storyline the plot and the setting is just wow so astonishing i must admit this is a well organised wonderful literally work


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