4 Basketball Court

A few weeks passed

Brooks was in the Dojo with Miguel and training. Brooks was wearing a black t-shirt with his mechanic suit which had the sleeves wrapped around his waist. He had white socks and his converse high tops were off to the side. His hair was slicked back and his face was visible.

Brooks looked like Johnny did when he was younger, but his jawline was sharper and his nose was a bit smaller. All in all, he was very handsome and attractive.

Brooks punched the dummy in the ribs then elbowed it in the face, pushing it back harshly. Miguel whistled and said "Woah, angry?" Brooks backed off and said "Usually. Your turn." Miguel shook his head and went to the dummy.

Brooks passed him and whispered "I heard Asian Hulk was making out with Sam in the hallways." Miguel froze and clenched his fists as he went to the dummy. The consecutive 'Bangs' were ringing in Brooks' ears and he smiled cheekily.

Johnny walked in and said "You guys have any friends who'd be interested in learning Karate?" Miguel stopped, Brooks scratched his head and Johnny sighed and said "Who am I kidding, you guys don't have friends..." Miguel turned around and said "Hey Sensei, when am I going to learn to do some kicking?"

Brooks looked over at Johnny with interest, he wanted to do some kicking too. Johnny looked at the two and said "Kicking is bad ass. You two aren't ready to start kicking." Brooks looked at himself and said "We're not bad ass enough to start kicking?" Miguel was silent and Johnny said "Besides, if we don't get more students I won't be able to teach you anything."

Miguel thought about it and said "Have you thought about advertising?" Johnny was stunned before saying "Pfft, yeah, ofcourse!" Brooks laughed and gave Johnny a thumbs up saying "Good job, Sensei." Johnny evaded it and said "Hey isn't it time for school?"

Brooks rolled his eyes and said "How am I supposed to know. I don't have a phone or a watch." Miguel checked his phone and said "Ah, yeah we're late." Brook was against the wall doing handstand push-ups as he said "Who cares. They don't teach anything worth while in that fucking place. Only how to properly address a 'gender-fluid' person. I don't even know what that is."

Miguel said "Its a person who.. Never mind. We have to go. Also you should get a phone." Brooks flipped to his feet and said "Yeah, yeah. You going anywhere, old man? I want to take the car." Johnny said "I got errands." Brooks sighed and said "Looks like we're stealing a car, Migs. Lets go."

Miguel was stunned and said "Stealing a car?! Wait!" Brooks already went through the door, Johnny shouted "Hey! No stealing cars! Where you gonna put it after!?" Brooks shouted back "I'll return it!" Johnny shook his head and went back to his office.

A while later

Brooks pulled up to the school in a black charger. He parked the car in the parking lot and got out with Miguel, who was looking around anxiously. Brooks laughed and said "Relax. We'll bring it back anyway, think of it as borrowing." Miguel said "We still stole a car! You know what they do to immigrants!?"

Brooks chuckled and walked into the school, he fist bumped Miguel and said "See you at lunch, Abuela." Miguel said "Abuela means grandma!" Brooks already walked away but still said "Who cares." before disappearing into the halls. Miguel shook his head and went to class.

A while later

Brooks, Miguel, Eli, and Dimitri were sitting at a table in the cafeteria when the principal made an announcement. Brooks yawned and closed his eyes chewing on a straw to keep his nicotine urges at bay. They rest of the students looked at the principal as she said "Bullying is not a joke. Sending cruel messages over the internet is very hurtful!"

Brooks rolled his eyes and the Principal continued "I had a mother call me yesterday to complain that her son was crying because someone made fun of his facial deformity." everyone looked at Eli and started whispering. Brooks cracked an eye open and said "Aiyo Lip, they don't know you got that scar from a fight. You should tell 'em." Eli just looked down and Miguel said "Hey, Eli. If you want to stop getting bullied, you should join our Dojo."

Dimitri rolled his eyes and said "Yeah Eli, soon you'll be able to kick ass! Please, I think we'd both much rather play Crucible Clash at home and not get punched in the face." Brooks just chuckled and said "Yeah, Lip. Maybe you'll look like bean pole soon!" Eli and Miguel chuckled and Dimitri scoffed "Hey! I have Bean pole pride okay?!"

The principal said "Also the halloween dance is coming up, maybe not get dressed up as a sexy nurse and dress as a 'gender-neutral' hospital employee instead." Brooks spit out his drink and covered his mouth as he chuckled. The principal looked over and said "Is there something funny Mr. Lawrence?"

Brooks said "Ms Principal, are you saying that the upper echelons of the hospital hierarchy can only be a specific gender and we should only dress up as employees rather than a specific department?" The principal was speechless and didn't know what to say. Miguel, Dimitri, and Eli looked at Brooks in shock.

The principal said "Of course not. A very good suggestion Mr. Lawrence. That'll be all, everyone." before she left. Brooks burst out laughing when she left, Miguel shook his head and Dimitri mumbled "Lucky shot.." while Eli was silent.

Brooks grinned and looked over at the girls' table to see the blonde girl looking at him. He winked and looked in a different direction. He saw at the open door frame, leading to outside, Tory was standing there with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

Brooks got up and said "See you later, Migs. You too Beanpole, and Lips." before walking to the door. He passed by Tory and said "Did pin you for the type of girl that waits." Tory replied "I'm not. Well not without something worth waiting for."

Brooks raised a brow and said "Oho! I'm worth waiting for? How do you know I'm not a two-timing piece of garbage? Or a criminal?" Tory tilted her head and said "Are you?" Brooks grinned and grabbed her chin as he said "I can tell you I'm not a cheater." Tory smirked and said "A criminal?"

Brooks let go and pulled out two cigarettes as he smirked "Only sometimes." Tory pushed one cigarette down into the pack and looked at Brooks with a smile. Brooks chuckled and put the pack away as they left to the spot they usually went to.

When they finished the cigarette

Brooks looked at Tory and said "You going to the Halloween dance?" Tory rested her head on her crossed arms that were propped up on her knees as she said "Working." Brooks raised a brow and said "Working? What are you working for?" Tory just smiled and kept silent.

Brooks waved and said "I never asked." Tory was silent for a moment before saying "My mom is sick. I need to pay for everything. Rent, treatment, food..." Brooks looked at Tory in the eyes and rested his hand on her cheek as he said "I had to work for my brother and mom too. Just rent and food though. My mom was a deadbeat whore."

Tory said "Was?" Brooks took his hand back and looked away as he said "I left. She started making me look for rich guys for her to scam a meal from." Tory looked at Brooks and scooted over as she said "Hey, Brooks." Brooks turned and Tory kissed him.

Brooks closed his eyes and pulled her waist to him as he entered her mouth with his tongue. Tory raised a brow and smirked as she used her tongue to fight with Brooks'.

When they separated, a thin line of saliva connected the two. Brooks looked at Tory and she kissed him again before pulling back and giggling as she said "I won't make you look for rich guys." Brooks chuckled and pinched her nose as he said "I wasn't very good at it." Tory just laughed and leaned her head on his shoulder.

A while later

Brooks and Miguel were outside the Dojo, but it was locked. Brooks frowned and said "Migs, call my dad." Miguel called and said "You really need to get a phone." Brooks waved and Miguel spoke "Hey Sensei, where are you? Encino? Uh okay." before hanging up.

Brooks looked over and said "What did he say?" Miguel said "He said that he's putting up flyers at Encino." Brooks started up the car again and said "Let's go." before driving away.

Brooks drove through the streets before seeing Johnny on a basketball court, walking up to two guys. Brooks got out of the car and walked up to Johnny, when he heard "Yeah, nice headband, 'Broham'."

Brooks walked up to the two basketball players and said "Hey, Larry bird and Lebron. How about you apologize before I make you permanently unable to jump again." Johnny said "Brooks, enough." Brooks ignored him and stared at the two guys.

They looked at Brooks and said "Just you, punk?" Brooks cracked his knuckles and said "Yeah, just me. Anymore and it would be excessive bullying. So what's it gonna be, pussies. I think this court need a new key, maybe a red one." the two guys looked at each other before the black guy threw a punch at Brooks.

Brooks tilted his head to the side and grabbed the guy's arm before punching his arm pit and kicking his knee, making him kneel on the ground. Brooks pulled the guy's arm over and twisted it around before stepping on his back and slamming his face into the court.

Brooks stood on the guy and looked up at the other as he said "What's it gonna be beanpole. Apologize or I'll waste you." before he pulled the black guy's arm in a impossible angle, casuing him to scream out in pain.

The white guy was sweating and said "I'm sorry!" Brooks kept pulling and said "Not to me, retard!" the white guy looked at Johnny and said "I'm sorry, man!" Johnny sighed and said "Brooks, enough, man." Brooks clicked his tongue and kicked the black guy in the ribs before saying "You too, Gimpy."

The black guy cried out in pain and said "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Brooks sneered and kicked him again before letting go and turning around saying "Let's go." Johnny sighed and left with Brooks. Brooks passed the girls sitting on the bench and winked while holding his hand in a cellphone to his ear and shaking it.

Johnny laughed and said "What are you doing here?" Brooks pointed at the black challenger and said "I'm with Miguel." Johnny squinted and saw Miguel waving and mouthing 'Hey Sensei' in the car. Johnny said "Did you steal that car?" Brooks smiled and said "So you're handing posters eh?" Johnny sighed and said "Go back to the Dojo. I'll meet you there."

Brooks grinned and left saying "See ya, dad!" Johnny shook his head with a smile.

A while later

Brooks and Miguel left the black challenger where they got it and stood in front of the Dojo doors. Johnny showed up and opened the door saying "No training today." Miguel was confused and said "Why not?" Johnny said "Because I said so. Go home." before going inside the Dojo.

Miguel said "But I have something to show you!" and followed after him. Brooks walked in behind him and muttered "I should've broke that guy's arm.." He walked into the office and saw Miguel showing Johnny the website, he passed them and grabbed a beer before sitting in Johnny's chair as he opened the beer bottle and snapped the cap like Johnny does.

Brooks was drinking, when Johnny and Miguel looked over. Brook said "What's up." before burping. Miguel said "What do you think about the website?" Brooks looked over and said "It's cool! Much easier than leaving flyers everywhere."

Johnny said "What are you doing?" Brooks said "Drinking. You said we're not training today." Johnny snatched the beer and said "Doesn't mean you can drink! Also get out of my chair!" Brooks got up and mumbled "You're never gonna get a chick like this." Johnny said "Hey! I can get chicks whenever I want! Look at your mom!"

Brooks opened his mouth before closing it and deciding to say nothing. Johnny shook his head and looked at Miguel for a moment before saying "Meet me at the school at Midnight. Don't be late."

Miguel said "What for?" Johnny grinned and said "You guys want to learn how to kick ass? You're gonna learn how to kick first." Miguel and Brooks both grinned. Johnny suddenly said "But before that, Brooks earned you both 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups" Miguel and Brooks' expressions froze and they groaned.

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