Clash Of Clan: The Exiled Prince

In the mystical realm of Axion, Leon finds himself reborn as a prince with an extraordinary ability – a system that allows him to summon troops and buildings from the legendary world of Clash of Clans. However, there's a twist to his royal destiny – he is a bastard prince, born on the fringes of the kingdom's legitimacy. As he navigates the intricacies of court politics and royal life, our reincarnated protagonist discovers that destiny has a unique plan for him. At his coming of age, he is granted an unexpected boon – a title of a baron and a fief. Armed with his newfound status and the power to summon armies and structures from a digital realm, the once-disregarded prince must now forge his own path to power. With the clash of medieval and digital worlds, he faces challenges both on the battlefield and within the court, striving to rise above his origins and prove that a bastard prince can become a legendary ruler. Amidst battles, political intrigue, and strategic warfare, Leon aims to transform his fief into a thriving domain, blending the tactics of Clash of Clans with the complexities of medieval governance. The clash of two worlds sets the stage for an epic tale of redemption, ambition, and the unyielding spirit of a prince determined to leave an indelible mark on the kingdom.

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28 Chs


The goblins scattered in fright.

The bloody battle for ownership of the territory was declared over at the same time.

Leon emerged as the winner.

This baron, who had his title conferred in the Kingdom of Cailux, was the lord of Solana Greenlads and owner of the fief at the Ruins of Solace Kingdom.

Then again, titles and status only mattered back in the Kingdom of Cailux.

The goblin Tribes, which had bred in the Solana Greenlands for many years, had no concept of that. They were completely oblivious to such things, which meant that none of them would acknowledge Leons status. In their eyes, Leon was little more than an invader.

That was a truth Leon did not deny.

That was the nature of a world in which might makes right continuously prevailed. More often than not, the one with the bigger stick could hoard everything.

Weaklings did not even deserve to live.

It was a world in which people gobbled each other up and races constantly exterminated one another.

There was no such thing as mercy.

"Clean the battlefield up."

Leon looked at the villagers to the side, whom all wore sorrowful faces. He sighed heavily and said, "Calculate the casualties. Report to me once you're done."

"Understood." Wiz who was beside him nodded, which meant that he took the assignment.

"Haahh!" Leon sigh as he clench his fists and muttered, "We were lucky to have won this one"

That victory had truly been a lucky one. He understood just how incredibly fortunate he had been in that battle.

If luck had not been on his side, he might have ended up having to move away from the fief.

Without luck, Leon and the people of Autumnvale would have been chased away from their territory by those goblins. They would have been forced to drift throughout this brutal mysterious forest.

The 400+ goblins were more than enough to be called a battalion.

Even in the Kingdom of Cailux, that number would have caught the attention of the lords of the local fiefs.

While the goblins were no doubt still at a primitive stage and had no civilization to speak of, so much so that they were not even able to produce iron tools, their cunning attitude and their rapid reproduction made them a terrible threat.

They were not all that much better than beast.

However, it was fortunate that the goblins cowardice eclipsed their capacity for reasoning.

Leon shook his head. The look of feeling lucky to have survived was in his eyes.

There were three main reasons his forces were able to crush the goblins in the battle. First, they had been able to deal out massive casualties against the enemy in a short time. Second, goblins fear shamans the most and there had been a bloody massacre the day before. All of that served to shock the lucky escapees to the core. Thirdly, Leon side possess significantly greater firepower, bolstered by the presence of wizards alongside their own arsenal of magical attacks.

It was an overwhelming victory in a psychological sense.

The goblins, which had been suffering severe psychological trauma, quickly grew fearful. Thus, they retreated and eventually ran away.

More goblins from elsewhere ran away with them.

That became the crumbling of the goblins formations throughout the frontline.

By then, if some of them had been able to organize defenses to prevent the entire army of goblins from falling apart and stabilize the restless beasts, it would have been Leons forces that fell apart next.

Luckily, for Leon, that did not happen.

The goblins had no military organization. As such, they had no concept of barrier troops and reserves.

The scale of victory in that battle eventually tipped Leon favor.

That was why Leon felt lucky.

That was also why he thought the battle was won because of luck.


"This is awful!" Leon slightly gritted his teeth.

The thick stench of blood still lingered around his nose, which made his head ache.

He turned around to carefully scan the battlefield.

The place was littered with dead bodies. Most of them were goblins.

Their blood-stained green skins were unmistakable. Although they wore ragged linen clothing, they still did not resemble humans. They looked more like cursed beast.

There were also quite a number of villagers who wore linen robes and hoods among the bodies.

It was apparent that those vilaagers gave their lives in the intense battle to defend Autnvale.

"My Lord, the statistics are out."

Wiz walked up to him quickly, wearing a serious expression.

The casualties were apparently heavy.

"Speak," Leon said.

"None of the barbarians, archers, lumberjacks and wizard died. 18 suffered light injuries."

Wiz hesitated for a bit before saying, "As for Villagers, 32 suffered light injuries..." His tone was shifty and suddenly halted.

Leon frowned and said, "Go on."

He knew that Wiz who had been tasked with the calculations, was about to tell him how many died.

Leon was psychologically prepared.

"Yes, My Lord."

Wiz gulped for a bit before continuing in a severe tone, "As for the villagers, 32 suffered light injuries and 18 are dead"

"Eighteen villagers died?" Leons voice was slightly raised.

That somewhat exceeded his expectations.

Then again, it was within expectations for a battle.


Leon clenched his fist and pondered for a bit with his head hung low. He nodded and said, "Give them a proper burial."

"Understood." Wiz nodded.

That was the least he could do after such a bloody battle.

They died for the sake of Leons fief. As their lord, be it in the game or reality, he was compelled to at least give them a proper burial.

"Clean up the battlefield, people."

After he was done with the arrangements, Leon turned around and headed back into the Town hall. At the same time, he ordered, "I'll leave you in charge of the rest."

"Rest assured, My Lord." Kael who was beside him nodded.

Leon went inside.

Kael was a sensible person. Although he was not someone capable of solving a lot of problems for Leon, he had the capacity to shoulder some of Leons burden. That was especially so when it came to dealing with simple tasks in this world.

As for Leon, it was time for him to savor the fruits of his victory.

Suddenly, the reward from the system came.

[Ding... After a gruesome battle, the enemy was crushed.]

[Unbreakable: ★☆☆

Defend your village: 1

Reward: x1 wooden chest, x1 golden crate, x2 treasure key, x50 gems ]


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