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Chronicles of a Holy Knight


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What is Chronicles of a Holy Knight

Read Chronicles of a Holy Knight novel written by the author Yamashita_Kaito on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


We follow the story of our reincarnated and transmigrated hero Dayn Kanara as he grows up in the mystical world of Thallia. A world that had been abandoned by the gods following the heretical Dragon Wars some hundred years in the past finds new hope when the divines return following the awakening brought on by The Dragon God's chosen champion. However with new light comes new darkness....


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The world that the Writer has created is super interesting. Not only that, but the characters are unique and exciting to read about. It’s overall a super fun transmigration story with twists ans turns at every corner!


The writing quality is insane and the description and the world-building is also very well done. You immediately get sucked into the story and feel invested in the characters. This really feels like a top-tier fantasy novel. Some of it even reminded me of my days when i used to read Mushoku tensei( A novel said to be the father of isekai and reincarnation novels) so mega props to the author for that. The speech patterns of the dwarves was also very intriguing and added this nice fantasy and nostalgic element to the story. Best of luck to the author


Oh, my God the accent they are talking is super cool. I ave'been practisin' it but I suck! Hihi! To be honest, I loved the descriptions and setting where the story is playing. You will be saying what's so amazing about it? Dude, if you can just see the world in story before your eyes just by reading the story. Won't you be mesmerized? Well, that's my case. Next thing that I liked and very much appreciate is grammar and use of good sentences. Sometimes, Author goes too fancy while writing that we need to google most of the terms. The grammar used in the book is simple but flawless. The main character is strong, reasonable and selfless.I had tears in my eyes when I saw his conversation with his mom. He so deserved this second chance.... 5 stars from.me...


I got immerse. The description and well woven dialogue in each scene got me stuck reading for an hour. You should read this. The grammar is all right and the story, still developing, but good. Keep writing author, story must be told.


The plot is very spacial. Although the character had being sent to another world, it’s not boring because the world itself was made with a lot of work and imagination. It has great potention, good luck with the next chapters✨


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