2 Husband and Son (1)

Li Zhen woke up from her slumber remembering how her body collided against the car on her way to expose the evil deeds of the family.

Surprisingly her head nor anypart of her body doesn't hurt ,she is sleeping on a soft matress and a foreign room .The door creaked open and the maid nearly dropped the tray she is holding before running back shutting the door closed .

"madame you're awake !"

the maid came back again this time with a tall handsome man behind her ,Li Zhen can feel the warmth from his stare but he is still a foreigner to her the last thing she remembered is being hit by a car .

"ummm by the way where am I? All I remember is being hit by a car and who are you ?" instantly the room freeze and the temperature dropped once again the man who is standing behind the maid made his way to where Li Zhen has been laying a while ago .

"madame this is Sir Zhang Chen Yang your husband"

Li Zhen nearly drop back onto the bed to faint h-husband? when did she acquire one ? There must be a mistake maybe a camera? or a prank but when after 5 minutes the silence continued Li Zhen had no choice but to accept the reality .

"Zhen you are already 24 stop with your act and talk with your son " Now she already had a son and she is 24? Surprisingly 6 years had already passed since that incident

did she travel through the future "atleast try to love your son if you do I might sign the divorce papers you've sent me "

suddenly another bomb has been dropped on her that will cause her to go crazy. First she travel to the future ,she have a husband and son and now this husband of her is telling her she wants to file a divorce .

what is really happening with the current her ?Now she is ignoring her child how could she do that to the poor boy? "I won't file for a divorce but hubby can you tell me more about me and our family it seems like I forget a bunch of things " A small gasped was heard and even Chen Yang froze on spot after what Li Zhen said .

Doubt is written all over on his face but started to list things he knew about his wife

"You are Zhang Li Zhen my wife ,you already have a son but refuse to talk with him and me because you hate the both of us ." H-hate?How could she hate such a handsome husband maybe that is why he reacted weirdly with her calling her hubby all of a sudden well since she is a person who easi;y adapt Li Zhen see nothing wrong from it .

"Why do I hate you? "

"Because I'm not Mu Jung Xi "

Haaaa that bastard's name was once again mentioned and it's enough to make her blood boil to the point she will die .Li Zhen's expression turned sour and then she saw a small figure peeking through the door she wondered why the boy is not entering so she stood up opening the door.

A cute boy looked at her with a confused expression a second it looked like he is about to say something then another second he is about to run away but Li Zhen caught the little boy in his arms .The little boy didn't struggle anymore when she is the one who made the move

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"Young master you shouldn't enter there the madame might get angry again" A butler arrived in a hurry trying to pull the boy from her grasp

"What's your name? are you looking for your mom hehe you're so cute"The boy didn't answer but he clutched on her hugging her tight not letting the butler take him away at this moment the butler looked trouble at his young master .This time he might get scolded again and he doesn't want that to happen ,their master and young master has always been troubled because of this woman .

"Do you not recognize your own son? He is Zhang Min"

"ohhhh My baby Min its a perfect name you're so cute eh?Why are you crying?Do you hate mom I'm sorry baby I didn't recognized you please forgive mom"Li Zhen didn't know what she did wrong as the boy continued to cry on her embrace only the other people around knew she was the one acting strange ,suddenly caring for their young master has she really lost her memories?

Another character appeared on the mansion looking for her brother and his nephew upon going up the stairs he saw a weird scene where his sister in law is hugging his nephew with a complicated expression while everyone else is just observing the two of them ,now it piqued his interest.

"Brother Yang why is little Min crying?Is your divorced finalized ?Is this the last goodbye ?"Zhang Fang Li only closed his mouth when he saw the look Chen Yang is giving him awkwardly laughing he turned to look at his poor nephew ahhhh he didn't know why this two ice cubes is so attached to his sister in law when she clearly did not love the two of them

Min heard what his uncle had said so of course he clutched on Li Zhen's clothes this time refusing to let go this is the first time he is hearing the divorce but he knew what it means and he is not a little bit happy .It's fine if her mother doesn't care for her as long as he can see her from afar and they are living together that is enough for him .

"Shhhh Baby Min why are you crying?Do you want daddy to carry you?"Zhang Min shook his head, this is the first time he has been carried and hug by his mom why would he want his dad to carry him .

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