3 Magic and Reincarnated?


Bourne looked at Ur with skeptical eyes. He could think of a lot of answers, but not magic since he didn't think that it was unscientific.

'But is it possible?'

Ur wasn't sure whether she was going to laugh or cry when she saw Bourne's reaction. But she also understood since this boy had lost his memory. "Well, I'll show you." Then her hand moved slightly before a rose which was made from ice appeared on her hand.


Bourne was tongue-tied when he saw it. He knew that it was impossible for someone to keep ice on their hands. Even if they were able to keep it, it would melt sooner or later, but this ice suddenly appeared from Ur's hand's was in perfect state. He touched the rose and his hand felt very cold. He could see that the thorn on the rose's stick was very sharp which made him speechless.

"Is this really magic?"

"Yes, and the water that keeps coming out from your hand is also magic." Ur seemed very patient when she explained this matter to him.


Bourne felt strangely calm when he heard it. He had become a child and the existence of magic seemed quite a small thing compared to the thing which happened to him. He looked at his hand again which kept releasing water then looked at Ur.

"Then how can I stop it?"

Bourne wasn't sure why this woman was so kind to him, but it might be because of her personality? The thing which made him feel a bit strange was that he didn't see anyone in this place and only knew that she was living alone from his observation.

"Concentrate. You should imagine something on your body to stop the water from coming out from your hand."

Ur folded her arms while looking at Bourne.

'Imagine something, huh?'

Bourne thought for a while and imagined his body as a faucet. It was the simplest thing he could imagine in his head. He closed the faucet and the water which was released from his hand was stopped.

"Good job."

Ur patted Bourne's head. She felt that this small guy was very smart for some reason.

"Don't pat me."

Bourne tried to stop him with his childish voice and his hands tried to stop her from patting him. Even though his body was five years old, he was an adult.

"Don't be embarrassed, alright." Ur smiled when she saw his reaction and kept teasing him while pulling his cheek.


Bourne tried to fight back, but in the end, he gave up. His strength simply wasn't enough to fight back against this brute woman. He might have realized it before, but the strength of this woman was very strong.

Ur stopped and felt a bit embrassed when she saw her with an expressionless expression. She coughed and said, "Well, let's talk about your magic first. It'll be troublesome if you can't control your magic from now on."

Bourne frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

"It isn't much of a big deal, but can you see the outside?"


Bourne turned to see the window and saw the rain had stopped for some reason. "The rain has stopped, what's wrong with it?"

"From what I can tell that rain is because of you," Ur said.



Bourne looked at Ur to see whether she was joking or not. "Seriously?"

"Very serious. That's why you need to have better control of your magic as soon as possible or else we might not be able to come out since we'll have rain everyday."


Bourne felt that this magic was very strong since it was able to affect the weather of the surrounding area. He thought for a while and felt that it was better to learn magic first, especially when it would cause a disturbance in his surroundings. If he was living in a desert then he would be worshipped. Unfortunately, he was living on a snowy mountain. He needed to control his magic or else he might cause trouble to Ur.

'Wait, am I going to live with her?"

"From now on, I'll make you my pupil, alright? I'll teach you to control your magic along with my magic."

"My magic? Your magic?"

"Oh, right. I haven't told you about my magic."

Bourne nodded and felt a bit curious, but from her show earlier, he could tell that it might have something to do with ice.

"My magic is Ice-Make."


Ur nodded and explained about Ice-Make magic.

Ice-Make is a Caster Magic, a type of Molding Magic and variation of Ice Magic that involves the creation of objects using ice.

This is a type of Molding Magic which utilizes the element of ice. The user can create a variety of objects out of ice to be used for offensive, defensive or miscellaneous purposes. They can also freeze and reshape water users who are in their liquid form into various Ice-Make creations. Outside of combat, the user can also change their surroundings using ice, such as covering the ground with ice. The ice can also be used for wound dressing, staunching bleeding and preventing the swelling of an injury.


Bourne wasn't sure, but he felt that Ice-Make was only a branch from ice magic since Ice-Make's concept was to mold something from ice to attack your opponent. But in his mind, ice should be freezing cold rather than focussing on various shapes to attack the opponent. But well, he didn't refute it since he didn't know anything. He understood about Ice-Make, but the problem wasn't about Ice-Make, but something else.

"Then what about my magic?"

"If I'm wrong, your magic is Water."


"Yes, Water."


Bourne felt that his magic was so simple, "Water". The name was so plain that he could understand instantly what the effect of this magic was from its name alone.

"In other words, you'll become a powerful water mage, but at the same time, because it is so powerful it also affects your environment in your surroundings such as the rainy weather that has happened earlier."

It might also be the reason why Ur felt quite pleasant when she saw Bourne. She was an ice mage and he was a born water mage. Both of them related to each other since ice was made from water and when ice melted, it would turn into water.

Bourne knew that it was necessary to control his magic, but this time, he wanted to ask a question which he had wanted to ask for a while.

"Before I learn about magic, can I learn about something?"


"So where are we?"

"We're in the Land of Isvan."

'Land of Isvan, where the hell is that?'

Bourne held his head and suddenly realized something. He didn't really want to admit it, but it seemed that it was the only answer to his question since he didn't think that he had heard the Land of Isvan on earth.

"Are you alright? Is your head painful?" Ur hurriedly asked with worried expression.

"It's alright. I want to ask more questions, is that alright?"

"Well, sure, what is it?"

"What year is it?" Bourne really hoped that it was 2020, even if he hadn't heard of the Land of Isvan, but the world was vast. There might be such a location on this planet, but time was different. He looked at Ur with an expectation waiting for an answer.

"It's year X772."


Bourne looked at the ceiling with a blank expression and knew that he wasn't wrong with his hyphotesis.

"What's wrong? Did you feel uncomfortable?"

Bourne had only seen it on some story, but he knew that he had been reincarnated to another world!

"Bourne! Bourne!"

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