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The Game of the Gods: Journeys Among Worlds

"The Game of the Gods: Journeys Among Worlds" is a captivating tale where gods summon various participants from different corners of the multiverse to compete for the coveted title of "God King." Among the chosen ones is Alex, whose mortal life abruptly concludes before being transported to a realm between dimensions. Endowed with a unique system allowing him to travel between worlds, Alex embarks on an epic journey alongside other aspirants, facing challenges that surpass the imaginable. From ruthless battles to tests of wit and morality, every step in his journey brings him closer to the coveted divine title. However, the competition is not merely a test of strength and skill but also a journey of self-discovery for Alex and his companions. As they explore exotic worlds and confront ethical dilemmas, they uncover the complexities of the universe and the deepest truths about themselves. Over time, Alex realizes that the true prize is not just the title of God King but understanding his true purpose and the responsibility that divine power entails. As the competition reaches its climax, Alex is faced with the most difficult decision of all: whether to follow his path to divinity or forge his own destiny beyond the ambitions of the gods. ...................................................................................................... English is not my primary language. I am new to content creation. No fixed update schedule. I appreciate any help you wish to provide for this novel

Remax_12 · Anime & Comics
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Bunny Syndrome

Bunny Syndrome Travis and Cola Zodiac a young couple from Metherin City, were expecting parents, it was the joy of their lives to have their first child But they found out something was different about the child when they had checked on the ultrasound screen. When they arrived at the hospital, A certain Doctor Crox gave Travis, the father of the child so much trouble that he was not able to see his wife giving birth to the child calling it a special case. Two police officers on duty patrolling at the hospital, witnessed the doctor injecting Travis with a dose of a sleeping serum that made him fall unconscious. The officers scolded the doctor but told them it was to calm him down. Dr. Crox came to explain the situation to one of the Police Officers and followed him to his laboratory underground at the hospital. In the morning, Travis after waking from his sleep hurried to the room where his family were, he was surprised to see his son having such a condition that their worst nightmare had come true. The new parents were worried that their child will not live like any other normal children but they decided to take care of him. His condition was called the Bunny Syndrome because his physical features, was that like of a white Rabbit. The Staff of the hospital were all emotionally attached for the welfare of the child and promised their constant watch over his health. But a Circus owner had his own plans for the child promising to take care of him if his parents decided not to take care of him, but the parents refused the offer deciding to keep their first born son. Cola and Travis Zodiac did the best they can to raise their first born son like any other children but took special care of him and did everything to let people accept him for who he is. Mysteries unfold as the child grew up, while the parents try to find out as what has caused the child's condition.

avnoctumn23 · Sci-fi
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Love is useless because it leads to pain

This is a story of a girl named Layla, Layla Queens. Layla had a normal life with normal friends and normal parents. But that all changed the night she went to her first party, since she was not really a party girl. She never thought that going to a party could cost her, her life, her family and her will. Yes, Layla was kidnapped, not for the use of human trafficking nor was she sold, no far worse than that. She was taken as a Lab rat for experimenting, her name was replaced with test subject Area51. She was tortured, experimented on and trained. After 3 long years luckily thanks to a little help Layla was able to escape but with a price..she lost all her memories of her past life and could only remember all the bad things she did in the facility..and what they did to her. She was saved by a man who turned out to be the one and only Prince of England. Unfortunately that Prince is the one she was supposed to kill on her first mission but instead killed his..mother. Can Layla hide this big secret? What will happen if the facility finds her? What happens if she meets an old friend? What happens if she falls in love with one that is forbidden? What happens if the prince himself finds the truth? Will she stay or keep on running forever before the Prince kills her, the facility and the people she abandoned. How messed up her life became. ~~ "I love you" he said "Why?" "Because you are a mystery, kind and beautiful." "You are a prince and I am a maid" "I know. But I don't care." "I can't be a queen." "Then l will teach you." I"m a bad person." "But I still love you." "Will you care and stop loving me if you know that it was I who killed your beloved mother.." "What..?" ~~ Will update after I am finished with unexpected regretfull pregnancy..until he came book. I entered the parent hood contest check it out and please vote for me.

Crimson7 · Sci-fi
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