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Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear


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What is Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear

Read Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear novel written by the author Pelius_Anar on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering overpowered, villain, levelup, antihero. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


There is a story where the hero makes friends, completes quests, and saves the world. This is NOT that story. In the VR world of Fate: Experience Acute Realism, the main character cuts his way through both the players and NPCs alike. This story takes a close look at how a true full immersion VR would be played. The setting is an open VR world where the players struggle to survive with a lack of knowledge and the NPCs panic in regards to the Travelers invading their world. The anti-hero of this story is cold and calculating. Sparing no one from his reign of terror he gives into occasional bouts of kindness before he is forced back on the path of blood and tears. For where there is a hero who seeks to bring people together to help the world move forward, there is an anti-hero who brings people together to seize the world for himself. WARNING: This story contains extreme violence, in every single chapter. This story contains references to sex, but no explicit scenes. This story has light to mild swearing. My chapters normally range from 4,000 to 5,000 words. This story does not contain happy endings, middles, or even beginnings.


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I very much enjoyed the novel. The hero was on a high level of personality, intelligent, a ruthless killer. Until chapter 21, things began to deteriorate because of the crazy girl who included him in his team. The dialogues between them are trivial, crazy and stupid. Also, his sexual relationship with her is a disgusting thing. His first team was good, obedient and without petty dialogues. Thank you for your effort. What ruined the novel is that crazy girl and the trivial dialogue with her, on the whole, she deserves 5 stars. The chapters were long and good.


honestly i don't really do reviews but this is a story i have passed reading multiple times due to no reviews but damn this story is just getting better and better the more i read


Finally I've found a story where the scene and the characters are TOUGH. Here you won't find fake battles ending with "the power of friendship" or "Hurray! The good guy wins". I'm looking forward to more chapters and you should do it too


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So the grammar is good as far as I have read, and although this is not the genre I usually go for, I must say that this book is worth complimenting! Keep up with the good work!


Really love the way you have started and i really like the details you have given.Looking forward to more chapters.I feel it will be a wonderful story


Intriguing VR challenge. Waiting for more. Waiting for more. Waiting for more. Waiting for more. Waiting for more. Waiting for more. Waiting for more.


Reveal spoiler


Loving it so far looking forward to more!! when are the updates going to be? and I love how the character is your typical good guy! really recommend this!


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