Since no one was talking to her, Chen Feitang thought that they had not heard her, so she said, "I wonder that's her background—"

"No matter what her background is, it's still not as powerful as you." Zhou Junmin interrupted Chen Feitang's words with a face full of sarcasm. After insulting Chen Feitang, Zhou Junmin turned to Lu Xingzhi and said, "Perhaps that person also happens to have the surname Lu, so she was too lazy to find a code name, and she directly called herself Lady Lu? Just like you, Sergeant, who was too lazy to think of code names, so you called yourself Lao Liu."

Those code names were set for the mission. Before the end of the mission, no one would call them by their real names. Even if they were to communicate with their superiors, they would only use a code name. After the mission was over, the code name would automatically disappear. It was as if that person would disappear from that world, and no one would be able to find them.


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