"I will allow you five minutes to scrutinize these eight images. Some of those individuals are wearing cosmetics, while others are not. Those people are in different rooms. I will pick you up in five minutes. You need to identify each of them."

"Is this the second or third round?" Jiang Yao shook the photos. "Five minutes? Will someone drag me to another place later?"

"This is the second round's second half. Do not be concerned. It will be five minutes." Colonel Lin began counting down for Jiang Yao. Then he stayed on the sidelines and watched her. He wondered where Lu Xingzhi had dug up the treasure when he was looking for a wife. With Jiang Yao's qualities, she would be an outstanding female soldier after two years of training at the Military Academy.

Colonel Lin was even calculating in his heart. He did not know how likely it was to persuade Lu Xingzhi's wife to transfer to the Jindo City Military Academy.


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