1227 Go Home Immediately

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"Lu Xingzhi, don't you think you owe us an explanation?" Chen Feitang's voice was icy. "Even though we'd act separately after we leave the train station, don't forget that even though we have our own duties, we are still a team. Each of us has a responsibility and a heavy burden to complete this mission. If you let your wife get involved and she becomes a burden to our team, can you bear the responsibility?"

"Chen Feitang, what do you mean? Why would Jiang Yao become a burden? " Zhou Junmin was in a bad mood, or rather, he was in a bad mood toward Chen Feitang. Furthermore, he thought that Jiang Yao was formidable. "Don't forget, the burden that you're talking about has saved Chen Feibai twice! Remember—twice!"

Zhou Junmin chuckled and continued to sneer at her. "The army doesn't belong to Lu Xingzhi, or do you think he's like your family who thinks they can just stuff a bunch of unscrupulous people in here?


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