1174 Closer To The Truth

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"I asked elderly about the fool's daughter in private. Two of them said they saw the old woman carrying the child out into the mountains with their own eyes. When she came back, the old woman was alone. The old woman had carried the child, and she said that she had buried the child alive, so it must be true. At that time, it was very common for people to give away their daughters, so they did not feel like it was wrong. They just sighed about it. It was still relatively rare to throw one's daughter away. Most of them would keep their first daughter, but they would give the subsequent daughters away."

That person did not say anything else, but people still scolded the fool's mother. They had seen people give their children away or left them by the roadside. No one had ever seen a grandmother who would be so cruel as to bury her grandchild alive.


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