99 Chapter 56 (A)

Ryan’s interview got published in yesterday’s Sunday magazine and I had literally turned off my phone since then. I totally forgot that it was going to publish yesterday and when I received a call from Mateo saying he read the interview, I was totally blank as to what he was speaking. Few seconds later I understood and right after hanging up the call with Mateo, I switched off my phone.

I hadn’t read the interview yet, I still had to go and buy that magazine which was making me making me more nervous. What if I bump into someone from the school in there?

Though it wasn’t the question now as today I had to go to the school. I called Jessica to pick me up from the house because I wanted to read what Ryan said about me before going to school. I wanted to be prepared in case I had to show give someone piece of my mind.

“You alright, baby bro?”


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