Burning PassionBurning Passion

Burning Passion

by Elise_Elleneth

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“I have loved you my whole life...” SYNOPSIS: Searching for a blood donor, Nikki Lindsey receives a text message from a mysterious man offering medical help for her mother’s surgery. Nikki tempts to accept the offer, even if it means to sleep with him to bear his child. But to save the precious life of the family she only has… With closed eyes, she fought the fear of being touched by a man. However, Nikki fell in love for the first time with someone who was already engaged. She struggled to avoid this man when he was all over the place and even got closer to her, pushing her harder in love with him. Nikki wanted to forget him, as her body was already purchased by a person; the face she has never seen— but taught her to covet for his touch, while her heart longing for someone else. How can she get free from him? And how can she avoid another man when both opening the door to the past? EXCERPT: I just came out from the shower room and was about to wear my pants when the door opened, and Nikki made hasty steps toward me. “Nikki? What’s the ma—” I wasn’t able to finish my question when Nikki pulled my neck and kissed me. “I love you!” Nikki confessed to me before she runs outside, leaving me froze for a moment. I came back to my senses from a great surprise. A smile tore across my face and felt like I won the jackpot lottery. I never heard Nikki reply to me every time I expressed my love for her. She must realize it. And she looks too cute blushing. Besides, she was too damn hot when she showed up at the door, only wearing a bath towel around her body like she was seducing me. And I was waiting when that towel fell on the floor. * * * Some (or maybe several, the story still ongoing) Chapters are erotic and inappropriate for younger readers. Please be warned! Halfway is ML’s POV, hilarious/humorous. So enjoy it! But be warned with explicit words from their mouth. And this is also a drama— emotion involves. The climax of the story has violence as part of the tragic experience, but the sweetest surprise awaits. Give a try to find out more! (Author Words: As mentioned above, ML is mysterious, so there is no Introduction to him. hehe...) WELCOME!!! “MY STUBBORN MISTRESS presents Burning Passion.” Stories of individuals and couples of how they devoted themselves in the name of love. [Please Read Me!] “I have loved you my whole life...” is our BURNING PASSION Book One! Stories to look forward to... STATUS/PROGRESS Volume 1: Story of Nikki Lindsey (Chapter 01-180) Volume 2: Story of Nina Li (Ongoing) Volume 3: Story of Erika Lim (next) Volume 4: Story of Min Xi Hong (next with a short story only) Volume 5: Combine the stories of everyone (Finale!) *Other important characters are from my main novel (My Stubborn Mistress) HAPPY READING!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You can follow/join me: instagram.com/eliseelleneth facebook.com/elise86elleneth Discord: https://discord.gg/8Uq28ef (Disclaimer: I do not own the photo. All the credits of the art go to the owner. Found it on Pinterest.)

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