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What would you do if you were reborn in the world of Battle Through the Heavens without a distinguished background or an elder in your ring and just a decent talent? Luckily, Xiao Ming has awakened the Life Simulator System! [The Life Simulator is on] ... ... [You have experienced an ordinary life.] [Elements are being chosen.] [Currently available: Green Lotus Core Flame, Flame Mantra, Woeful Poison Body.] [Please choose one.] Every seven days, he can choose to extract one of the elements from his life simulation. In this way, Xiao Ming began his ordinary life. --------------------- Support me and get access to additional chapters. www.patreon.com/kisshot -------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own the cover image. If you are the owner and want me to remove it, kindly DM me on Scribble Hub: https://www.scribblehub.com/profile/102727/kisshot/ ------- This is a Translation ------- Original Author: Fish in the Sea of Clouds MTL: https://www.69shu.com/42195/

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Chapter 228: Xiao Yan's Visit

Looking at Zi Yan's receding figure, Xiao Ming and Xiao Yi Xian gazed at each other, both of them a little surprised. Normally, Zi Yan was very clingy with Xiao Ming, so why was she acting differently today?

'Tch, could it be that Zi Yan has found Medusa?' Thought Xiao Ming to himself.

After giving it some thought, he realized that it was possible for Medusa to be in the vicinity of Jia Ma Sacred City at this time. He simply had not explored thoroughly enough to be sure.

"Do you want us to follow her and check what she's up to?" asked Xiao Yi Xian.

"No, let's not. Zi Yan has enough strength to defend herself, and if anything were to happen, the fluctuations would draw our attention anyway," replied Xiao Ming.

"That makes sense," agreed Xiao Yi Xian.

"It's unusual for her to be away from us. I was thinking maybe we could... " Xiao Ming's voice trailed off when he heard the footsteps of a maid coming from outside.

"Master, Chairman Fa Ma has come to visit," the maid announced.

"I understand. Please show him in," said Xiao Ming.

"Yes, Master," replied the maid as she left.

Xiao Yi Xian blinked and asked, "What were you thinking we could do?"

"...What else? Of course, spend some time together," replied Xiao Ming.

Hearing this, Xiao Yi Xian got up from her chair and approached Xiao Ming, who, upon seeing her, also got up from his seat, and when she reached him, she wrapped her arms around his neck. In a suggestive and enticing tone, she said, "Is it really just spending time together?"

"If I wanted to do something more, would you dare?" asked Xiao Ming playfully as he hugged her slender waist. Although Xiao Yi Xian liked to take the initiative, she was actually very shy, which was why kissing, hugging, and holding hands were fine, but if things were to go further, all her courage would disappear instantly.

Being teased by Xiao Ming, Xiao Yi Xian's face quickly turned red, and just as she averted her gaze and was about to change the subject, she felt Xiao Ming's hands tighten around her waist, preventing her from releasing herself. Nervously, she turned to look at him and saw that his face was getting closer to hers, causing her heart to beat rapidly.

"X-Xiao Ming, we can't, a visitor is about to come in- haah... N-No... Nn~"


A few minutes later, Fa Ma entered the room and upon seeing Xiao Ming, who was seated in his chair with a calm demeanor, Fa Ma's already wrinkled face creased even further as he gave a faint smile.

"Good day, Master Xiao Ming. It's been a while. How have you been?" he asked.

"I've been well, Chairman Fa Ma. It looks like your cultivation has improved greatly," Xiao Ming replied with a polite nod.

"I haven't improved at all, I can't compare with you, young people."

As they spoke, Xiao Yi Xian appeared with a small pot of tea in her hand, approaching Fa Ma to pour him a cup. Her cheeks still held a hint of redness, which only added to her charm. After serving the tea, she took her seat beside Xiao Ming.

"Please, sit down and enjoy your tea, Chairman Fa Ma," Xiao Ming said, motioning for him to take a seat.

"No hurry," Fa Ma responded, and after thanking Xiao Yi Xian, he said. "First, let me introduce you to an outstanding young man." Fa Ma turned and called for someone outside the door.

"Yan Xiao. Come in!"

'Yan Xiao?' Upon hearing the name, Xiao Ming's eyes narrowed, and he looked beyond the door of the room, sensing a somewhat familiar aura.

At Fa Ma's call, a man dressed in black entered the room. As soon as he entered, the black-robed man removed his hat to reveal an ordinary face.

"Yan Xiao pays his respects to Master Xiao Ming," the young man said, bowing and saluting.

"This young man, Yan Xiao, is a newcomer to the Imperial Capital. Although he has only been here for a few days, he is already a talented third-tier Alchemist," Fa Ma explained, smiling as he stroked his beard. "I would like to request your assistance in instructing him, Master."

Hearing this, Xiao Ming was speechless for a moment.

Wasn't this Yan Xiao, Xiao Yan?

The idea of instructing him was laughable, as he had Yao Lao as his Master.

Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Ming's expression and the corners of his lips could not help but twitch.

He also did not expect that the Master Alchemist Chairman Fa Ma had said he would introduce to him would actually be Xiao Ming.

As a member of Xiao Ming's clan, did he need to be introduced by someone else?

But this was a good thing, at least he knew that Xiao Ming lived here. Xiao Ming had a residence in the Imperial Capital that he really didn't know about before.

Thinking about the three-year agreement, an idea arose in Xiao Yan's heart, and before this idea could take shape, Yao Lao's voice in the back of his mind suddenly emerged.

'Xiao Yan-Zi, look at that woman in white beside Xiao Ming, she possesses a Heavenly Flame!' Yao Lao said.

Xiao Yan was shocked, 'She also has a Heavenly Flame, Master? That shouldn't be possible, right? She looks as young as me, and I didn't even realize before that she had a Heavenly Flame.'

'Brat, who is your Master? It's true that she's not much older than you, but she's strong enough to defeat a hundred of you! What's so strange about her having a Heavenly Flame?' Yao Lao replied.

'Is it really possible?' Xiao Yan wondered, as he relied on his own strength and had not met any youth who was comparable to him in all the years he had been training.

From the time he was born until now, he had only met Xiao Ming who was more powerful than him. How was it possible that a woman who came out of nowhere could kill him in a matter of seconds?

'Hehe, you think I'm pulling your leg, don't you? Let alone you, even your cousin Xiao Ming next to her isn't as strong as her.' Yao Lao said.

'But Xiao Ming is a Dou Emperor!' Xiao Yan retorted, feeling that Yao Lao was mocking him.

Although Yao Lao didn't want to damage Xiao Yan's self-esteem, he still said, 'No, this cousin of yours is a Dou Ancestor!'

'Dou Ancestor!?' Xiao Yan's eyes widened, and he could barely contain his shock.

While Xiao Yan was talking to Yao Lao via sound transmission, Xiao Ming asked them to sit down.

During their conversation, Fa Ma noticed Xiao Yan's expression and asked, "What happened to you, Yan Xiao? Do you have doubts about what we just said?"

"Er, no..." Xiao Yan quickly replied.

Seeing Fa Ma continue the conversation with Xiao Ming, Xiao Yan hurriedly asked Yao Lao in his mind.

'Is Xiao Ming really a Dou Ancestor?'

'What good would it do me to lie to you, brat? The space around his body trembles slightly, this is a manifestation that only occurs after one's strength reaches the Dou Ancestor realm!' Speaking of this, Yao Lao Lao couldn't help but feel a little impressed.

Such a young Dou Ancestor was impressive even in Central Plains, where there were many talented people, and if he wasn't in a remote place like the North-Western Region, where resources were scarce, Yao Lao feared that his cultivation would be even more terrifying.

Realizing what Yao Lao said was reasonable, this time, although reluctant to accept it, Xiao Yan had no choice but to believe it.

"Master, this woman also has a Heavenly Flame, should we try to seize it from her?" asked Xiao Yan, thinking of devouring the flame to increase his strength a little more.

After successfully stealing the Heavenly Flame from Gu He, Xiao Yan felt that there was nothing wrong with stealing the Heavenly Flame from a person he did not know.

'How would that be possible? The other party could crush you with just one finger, and yet you're still thinking of taking her Heavenly Flame? Even I would have a hard time dealing with a Dou Ancestor right now, and you didn't even consider the relationship between her and your cousin before making a move?' Yao Lao said speechlessly.

'It was my mistake,' admitted Xiao Yan inwardly, feeling embarrassed.

'... However, if we can't steal the Heavenly Flame from her, why did you mention that she had one, Master?' asked Xiao Yan.

'Hehe, you don't understand, the fire attribute Dou Qi around that white-clothed woman is not strong, so I can guess that she is not an Alchemist and does not have a high need for the Heavenly Flame, so maybe we can exchange it with them. I still have a few things I've accumulated over the years. Later, take the initiative to stay.'

'You also don't have to worry about Xiao Ming refusing. In a certain realm, everyone uses aura to distinguish others. Although your face has changed, your aura hasn't changed much, so your cousin already knows it's you,' added Yao Lao.

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