Brothers Reincarnated into Highschool DxD with a system

A pair of brothers get killed and gets reincarnated into Highschool DxD -------------------------------------- This is his fulfillment trash, if you don't like it, don't read it

MR_No1 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
18 Chs

Only a week

It's been a week since the battle with Riser and his peerage, since then Jack and Kokuren have been taking things easy, as they figured in this part of the story they could easily fight and kill any of the villains, so, they haven't entered the dungeon at all, but that changed as of today as they saw that Rias and her peerage had slowly been getting stronger, so Jack and Kokuren both decided that they couldn't have them sneaking up on them in strength terms

"Man, it's only been a week, but it honestly feels like a year has passed!" Jack said as he and Kokuren entered their new dungeon

"Hmm, yeah, maybe it's cause we spent three weeks inside of the dungeon preparing for that fight, and then went without it," Kokuren said as he looked at the entrance of the cave in front of them

"Hmm, maybe, so Naga's? Those are the snake people right?" Jack asked

"Yep, so they might have poison, let's keep our guards up," Kokuren said as they made their way inside the cave, after walking for about five minutes without finding anything, they finally came across a large room

it had a little lake in the middle and it was surrounded by the snake men, seeing this Jack and Kokuren looked at each other, and just like that, the slaughter began

[Snake-men: lvl 70]

[Snake-men: lvl 78]

[Snake-men: lvl 74]

Seeing the levels, Jack only smiled as he threw a giant fireball at a group of the snake-men, causing them to get flung away from each other, leaving Kokuren free to quickly pick them off with his bow, and he did, sending three shots piercing the snake-men skulls


[level up!]

[level up!]

[level up!]


'Three levels off of three of them?! Oh hell yeah!!' Jack thought as a snake-man went in to bite him, only for Jack to activate his copper skin causing the snake to shatter its fangs on his arm

Quickly reaching out Jackl grabbed it by its face and crushed its skull in his hands as he threw the snake at the oncoming group of his allies causing them to once again be sent flying, this time Jack flash stepped around and quickly finished them off, looking back he saw Kokuren finish off the group he was fighting as well


[level up!]

[level up!]

[level up!]

[level up!]

[level up!]

[level up!]


"Damn, this dungeon is leveling us up quick as hell," Jack said as he opened his status 


Name: Jack

Age: 16

Health: 780

XP: 2,000/45,000

lvl: 65>71

Str: 199>205

Dex: 129>135

Agi: 119>125

Luck: 100>106

Cha: 103>109

Stat Points: 45

Skill's: {Boxing: C} {Muay Thai: C} {Dodging: C} {Flash Step: C} {Hercules strength: D} {Killing Intent: C} {Copper Skin: E} {Fire Magic: D} {Hermes speed: C} {Precognition: D} {Beauty: F} {Fortuna's Will: F} 


"Huh, my strength is over 200 but I didn't get a new skill," jACK

"Maybe the first set of skills were just freebies," Kokuren 


Name: Kokuren

Age: 17

Health: 770

XP: 2,000/45,000

lvl: 65>71

Str: 141>147

Dex: 140>146

Agi: 141>147

Luck: 119>125

Cha: 109>115

Stat points: 45

Skill's: {Sword User: C} {Bow User: C} {Teleportation: E} {Sensō Ha: C} {Magic Bolt: E} {Shield: E} {Herme's Speed: D}{Hercules Strength: E}{Precognition: E} {Beauty: F} {Fortuna's will: F}


"Shit, maybe, Hmm, well let's keep going, there's a door right there, let's see how deep this cave goes 

After walking around for around another hour and without finding anything else, they decided to call it a day as they had school tomorrow, so they exited the {ID} and entered their house

"Hmm, I i think imma hit up Keneko and see if she wants to go grab a bite, what are you about to do?" Jack

"Im probably going to go to the store and grab a few things, I've been thinking about wanting to get into painting," Kokuren

"Oh? Nice, if you need any pointers let me know," Jack

"You know how to pain?" Kokuren asked Jack as he was surprised

"Yeah, in our old life I was decently good at drawing, so I started to get into painting, so how about to just buy a bundle of shit and I can start you off on the right track, actually here, ill make a list of shit for you to get," Jack wrote a list down for Kokuren

After that, Kokuren left to go to the store, and while Jack waited for Koneko to get back with him, he decided to take a shower, after his shower, he saw that she messaged him back so he quickly had gotten dressed and headed to a cafe they decided to meet 

pulling up Jack noticed that Koneko wasn't there yet, so he decided to go ahead and grab them a table, sitting down he thought to himself

'Huh, I think this might be the nicest I've looked since coming to this world, oh yeah, I almost forgot about my mask, he thought as he remembered the piece of amour and how he could now make it disappear and reappear at will, but looking at his outfit, he had on a pair of black jeans, white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up showing off his forearms, he also had a pair of nice white and black dress shoes

'Man, maybe I should have slicked my hair back, hmm,' He pondered as he was suddenly brought out of his thoughts, looking over he saw a white-haired girl standing in front of the table, seeing his date, he couldn't help but smile

"Keneko had a black dress on as well as black heels, she even had a little black bow on her head

"Hey there beautiful," Jack said with a sly smile

"...Shut up," Keneko said as she sat across from Jack, as a slight blush came across her cheeks betraying her carefree look 

"Them clothes look good on you," Jack said causing the blush to darken some

"...Yours doesn't look bad either," Keneko said causing Jack to show a bright smile as they continued to talk