Ch 391 / Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 40.4%

391 Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

When they were about to reach the door, Lu Jinnian glanced beside him at Qiao Anhao's outfit, and back at his own. He stopped. "I'll go up and change."

Qiao Anhao gave a nod. She walked to the entrance on her own. First, she put on her shoes. She'd originally wanted to wear her white strappy heels that she had bought recently, but just as she put her right foot in one shoe, she paused. In the end, she took the shoe off and opened the shoe cabinet. After looking through it for a long while, in the end, she chose to wear a pair of platform canvas shoes.

She bought these canvas shoes this spring, when she and Xiao Anxia had made plans to go hiking. However, because of something last minute, hiking was canceled, and so she left those shoes in a box in the shoe cabinet, and never touched them again.

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