1 Bringing the ‘Nation's Husband’ Home (1)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

Everyone tries to do their best to love another, but more often than not, they forget to tell each other "I love you".


Qiao Anhao only dared to take a subtle sigh of relief when she shut the bathroom door.

After a long while, she turned the tap on with her trembling hands. She wanted to calm down a little by washing her face with some cold water.

All of a sudden, someone violently kicked the bathroom door open.

Qian Anhao quickly turned her head to find a furious Lu Jinnian had strode into the bathroom.

Lu Jinnian grabbed her wrist with one hand and forcefully swung it back, slamming her into the wall behind him.

He moved rather rashly, so he wasn't light handed. Qiao Anhao's back was on fire.

To her surprise, Lu Jinnian violently clutched onto her neck in a matter of seconds!

Gasping for breath, Qian Anhao heard Lu Jiannian's cold, vicious voice come crashing down on her from above her head.

"Qiao Anhao, I never imagined that you were capable of taking advantage of someone when they're in trouble. You threw yourself at me when I was drunk?!"

With that said, the light in Lu Jinnian's eyes slightly dimmed, as though a thought had crossed his mind. He shoved Qian Anhao's neck upward, and lifted her face.

He stared into her eyes. The tone in his voice sounded ice-cold, colder than the air in the bathroom itself.

"Qiao Anhao, if I remember correctly, you acted all innocent on our first night as a married couple. The first thing you said was for me not to touch you! What? We've only been married for two months, and now you've changed your mind?"

When Lu Jinnian said that, he showed no emotions on his handsome face. In fact, his glistening dark pupils remained calm and stoic as usual.

However, he choked her harder as he spoked, which forced the terrifying fury and evil to exude out of his body.

Qian Anhao recollected everything that happened last night with fear and sick to her stomach...

Last night, Lu Jinnian drank quite a lot, and she also drank a little too. Whilst tipsy, she curled into Lu Jinnian's arms in a daze.

But she thought that it was a dream!

She only realised that she was still sleeping in Lu Jinnian's arms when his phone alarm went off the next morning.

It felt like her entire body was electrocuted. After a few seconds in utter shock, she finally realised that everything that happened the night before wasn't a dream at all.

She and Lu Jinnian had been married for two months now. However, they didn't marry for love, and the public didn't know that they're husband and wife.

So within the last two months, they respectively didn't touch one another and treated each other like strangers when outside of the house.

But to their surprise, she now broke that promise...

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