Bringing the little troublemaker Home Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Bringing the little troublemaker Home


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After his metarnal grandfather's death the ever noble and arrogant Young Master Wei was forced to take care of a teenage girl. In the 23 years of life experience of Young Master Wei he has never felt any sexual attraction towards anyone. He hate to have any contact with women. Hence there are many rumours about the President of Wei Group of Industries being gay. But since the first time he saw her he found himself attracted towards her. The more he look at her the more he felt she was adorable. Finally he realised that he have fallen in love with the little troublemaker in his home. Rong Yu is cool and indifferent towards everything. A little sassy a little bit crazy. She is as beautiful as an elf and her aura is as gangsterish as a bandit. Both man and woman are head over heals for her. But she is a typical example of a perfect handsome scum. how can he win her love? Everyone thought she is illiterate, ignorent and careless lady from a small town but she is a hidden big boss who is afraid of trouble but trouble love to cling to her. She is like a mystery and he has all the patient in the world to solve it. Its the story of Wei Zihan and Rong Yu.


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