1 First meeting

Chapter 1

"Its so unexpected how Master Tian died suddenly. I still feel like it was yesterday when I last saw him"

"What unexpected? He had been bedridden for nearly a year. It was just a matter of time for him to.."

"He was such a kind man. He left fame and fortune and came to this small town for charity."

"Rumours has that he had taken in an orphan but I never saw any children by his side."

"What is gone is gone. What is the point of talking about this."

"I pary for the piece of his soul..."


At this time a black mercedes drove towards the cemetery and parked at the side of the road.

The door of the passanger seat was pushed open and a young man clad in black got out of the car. He adjusted his gold rimmed glasses and went to open the door for the person sitting in the back in a respectful manner.

When the door was opened a shining black shoe came into everyone's vision. A long straight leg clad in black formal pent Touched the ground. The person inside the car gripped the car handle with his long slanderfingers and got out of the car.

His strong aura and noble appearance was one of a kind and the attention of all the people were drawn to him and the noisey atmosphere suddenly quitted down.

His face was expressionless and one could not tell what he was thinking. He stored towards the cemetery holding a bunch of white lavender and stopped in front of Master Tian's tomb.

He knelt down and gently placed the flowers in front of the tomb. He stayed in that position for 5 minutes without saying anything.

After 5 minutes he got up and preparing to leave at this moment his eyes fell on a tall slander figure far away from the crowd standing alone. The person was wearing a oversized black hoddie and one could hardly see her face under the cap. The whole person was emmeting a solemn aura. She was trying hard to conceal her existence but it was impossible for anyone not to notice her.

He glanced at the figure for a few more seconds and started walking towards the person.

"Rong Yu?" He stopped infront of her at a safe distance and called.

The girl raised her head and stared at the men's dark black orbs with her emerald green eyes.

"Something?" She asked.

"Grandpa wished you to come with me." He said with an expressionless face.

The girl didn't speak and only stare at his handsome face with her clod eyes. It was the first time someone made an eye contact with him without getting intimidated. The people in capital didn't dare to do look into the eyes of this yong master with such a look.

This little girl is quite brave.

Her cold eyes gave him the illusion of a calm forest, mysty and dangerous. She gave him a strange feeling.

When he thought she wouldn't say anything her low and hoarse voice sounded.

"Lead the way." Simple and arrogant.

He give her another glance and walked towards the car.

Secratary Chen opened the door for the Young Master to get in the car and waited for her to take her seat but she didn't, instead she just looked at the man.

"Any problem?" He asked.

"My bike" she pointed at the direction of the other side of the road where a black custom made beautiful bike was parked.

He looked at the bike for few seconds more and said to Secratary Chen "Send someone to bring that to the capital."

"Okay Young Master" Secratary Chen nodded.

Rong Yu heard their conversation and walked to the bike, picked a black bag and returned to the car and take her seat.

Secratary Chen waited for her to sit comfortably and closed the car door then positioned himself in the passenger seat.

The driver started the car and it drove further away from the cemetery.

The atmosphere in the car was extremely quiet no one spoke for a long time.

"Take it" the sudden sounds of the girl's cold voice broke the silence.

The men looked at the long slander hands in front of him and didn't reach out to take the thing in her palm immediately "What?"

"Keys of my bike." She replied.

He gave a faint 'Oh', took the keys from her and handed it to Secratary Chan.

The car was filled in a strange silence once again.

After some time Rong Yu adjust herself in a more comfortable position, took off her cap, lean on the seat, closed her eyes and fall asleep.

The man next to her glanced at her. Now that she removed her cap her beautiful face can be seen clearly. She has sharp jaw line and high nose bridge. Her eyelashes were long and black same colour as her eyebrows. Her lips are of perfect shape rosy and pulp. She looked like a 18 or 19 year old teenage girl.

The sun light kissed her face and her white smooth skin was dazzling like jade. She looked calm and adorable unlike when she arrogantly said to a stranger to lead the way without asking anything. As if she knew who he was and why he came to pick her up.

He gave her another glance and closed his eyes.

He is Wie Zihan the Young Master of the Wei family. The noble and arrogant man whose name is enough to make people feel pressured. The President of Wei Group of Industries was naver treated so coldly by anyone till now much less a teenager.

He was having a meeting when he received the news that his maternal grandfather had died. He immediately stopped what he was doing and directly rushed to this Hill Town. On the way he received news from his grandfather's lawyer that he had left his properties, business and everything for a little girl named Rong Yu and his last wish is that he can take good care of her and protect her well.

He didn't know why his grandfather do such a thing but he respect his wishes and had no interest in his fortune. His grandfather was the only family who ever cared for him and loved him dearly so he will take care of the little trouble for his shake.

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